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    Does the ERP System Work For Your Business Needs

    Does the ERP System Work For Your Business Needs?

    Research shows ERP projects are more successful today than in the past. The cloud ERP software available in today’s market serves easier to implement in the case of ERP. Timing is an important aspect to take into consideration. 

    What is the accuracy of your business data?

    Implementing the comprehensive ERP software not only provides access to important data, the ERP allows the better process for analyzing and collecting the data. 

    How will your business systems connect?

    When moving to one company- the wide ERP solution improves the internal processes, the common platform for better internal communication.

    Communication and better processes result in increased efficiency and enhanced company performance.

    Your company’s growth

    When companies increase in size it quickly outgrows existing technology and processes. Having pains are considered a good problem, but like other business challenges, the issues need to get addressed to continue for future progress. The comprehensive ERP solution could help.

    Are your customers satisfied?

    The problems faced between production and sales, internal disruptions and the inability of accessing essential data could affect the customer experience. The modern ERP solutions save time to meet customer expectations.

    Is cost costing necessary?

    The ERP software could be cost-effective in specific fields of gained efficiencies.

    • The faster financial close.
    • Improved accuracy and inventory planning.
    • Precise forecast.
    • Reduction in days of sales outstanding.
    • Optimizing the Shopfloor.
    • Reduces the spend amount.
    • Could reduce the freight spend.

    There are various types of businesses benefiting from ERP.

    The types of businesses with the most benefit of ERP systems are:

    The nature of ERP software grants companies towards industries for implementing solutions based on their business needs. The major industries using ERP includes:

    • The manufacturing
    • Their distribution
    • Using professional services
    • The construction
    • The industrial services
    • The service businesses
    • And Healthcare

    The manufacturing executive Oracle JD Edwards

     stated implementing ERP made the company a “robust platform” to control and manage their manufacturing processes. “The tools and information of the system allowed them to manage distribution and manufacturing businesses.”

    The use of professional services is another industry, where ERP is used and benefited from the ERP software. These organizational needs to differ from manufacturing and distribution. Businesses of this industry are project-based and require tools for planning the project and execution, strong customer relationship management and for managing the project costs.

    We recently worked with the CIO of a project-based company to implement a cloud ERP system who commented: “Moving our project management process to the cloud can keep up with our business growth and continues to serve our clients with the best of our ability.”

    Ways the ERP software improves the business processes

    The ERP systems could solve the problems facing, that includes a need for:

    The truth is one master system of record for all essential company data. To automate manual processes like financial report generation, invoice creation, product and service delivery, material requirements planning and routine communications.

    Better visibility in the aspects of the supply chain, less to increased efficiencies as well improves the productivity.

    The improved business data security, either stored in the cloud or on-premise.

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