Focus more on your work rather than finding talent

Focus more on your work rather than finding talent

Companies and businesses have used HR management software despite their size and vertical. To thrive any business, you need well-trained talents to do different kinds of operations. Finding great talents and allocating them per stringent standards has always been arduous. With the advent of the best HR management software, garnering the employee cycle is viable and effective. 

HR Management is a stand-alone department which is the backbone of any business. The full-fledged HR management section has human resource management software to automate and organise all tasks. Human resource software helps you mix HR features such as work relations, employee designations, recruitment process, payrolls and advantages, recordkeeping and administration. 

Best HR software from Odoo ERP lets you manage the human resources needs of the enterprise. Hiring and onboarding and others can be easily carried out with the help of Odoo human resource management software.

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Recruitment Management ERP Software


Job offers

Using the Kanban view, you can easily post jobs and conduct interviews and related activities.

Recruitment process management

Organizing candidates as per the application process and open positions are easy with recruitment process management.

Automatic indexation

An automatic database of candidates can be created.


HRM in Odoo allows hassle-free tracking of all your applications.

Employment websites

Offering different types of job offers from different websites and linking job offers are possible through Odoo HR Management


Automatic application management and automatic answering can be executed with strong back-end features.

Job positions

Job boards let you figure out new open positions

Job referrals

You can easily refer jobs to your loved ones using social media

Calendar integration

Odoo HRMS allows you to schedule and send invitations of interviews to candidates along with synchronizing it with Google Calendar.


Generate offer letters

Offer letters can be issued directly from Odoo HRM software. 

Custom salary configurator

Custom salary configurator can be used as per employee’s preference.

Employees Management ERP


Profile creation

One place for all information about your employees

Contract management

Get comprehensive details about employee contracts and the nature of employment.

Timesheet management

Time spent on each project can be calculated easily

Handle attendance

With the help of the HR module in odooERP, you can keep track of employee attendance

Leave management

All kinds of paid and unpaid leaves can be managed easily


Get dashboard per manager


Enterprise social network

Chit-chatting and taking part in the professional network become easier


Rewarding your employees and brainstorming ideas for challenges can be easily executed.



Finding talents and adding them to your workforce is not an arduous task.


Track and record employee expenses like never before. 


Reward and recognition boost productivity, you can do it hassle-free manner. 

Attendance and Time-off Management

Manage leave requests

Employee requests

Employee requests can be easily filed and notified. 

Allocate leaves

Ease employees know their leaves allocated with regard to their employment.

Approve or deny leave requests

Within one click, you can approve or refuse a click using different buttons.

Customize leave requests

You can create customized leave requests. 

Provide more insights

You can add notes to let employees know the reasons for approval/ denial.

Leave requests at the management level

You can let managers simply take care of leave requests of their team using Odoo human resources.


Personal dashboard

A personal dashboard helps your company to have a quick look. 

Calendar view

Notifying your team and knowing their availability is easy peasy with Odoo HRMS.

Gantt chart view

Getting a comprehensive overview of the team’s availability will be easy with Gantt chart view. 


Create reports in various formats like PDF and send them in one click.

Appraisals Management


Create appraisal plans

Creating unique phases and appraisal plans can be carried out easily with our HR management software.

Sort appraisals

Based on filters such as employee status, deadline and appreciation, you can create appraisal plans.

Organize interviews

Organizing interviews in different stages for different designations is accurate and simple with our Odoo ERP solution. We create tailored forms for different jobs. You can also integrate everything on the calendar. 

Survey creation

Design surveys

Create surveys in a hassle-free manner making good use of predefined designs. Thus, speeding up the appraisal process like never before. 

Create templates

You can create bespoke templates or use existing ones to turn surveys into templates.

Test survey

The surveys and templates you create can be tested before sending them to any employee. The approving authority can leave comments or add extra notes to improve the survey. 

Export answers

Any evaluation by an employee can be shared, printed and exported as a PDF file. 

Automate process

Automatic actions

Odoo ERP solution is a smart system as it is designed to automate many tasks such as sending letters. Emails and forms as per the configuration for the specific evaluation process. 

Fleet Management

Manage vehicles

In-depth descriptions

The vehicles of your fleet can be elaborated on in detail so there will be no difficulty in identifying each vehicle. You can include brand model, colour, registration number and so on. 

Leasing contract

All details about the contract can be specified and you can check the status of the contact here. 

Keep track of mileage

The odometer helps in tracking the vehicle’s mileage as well as repairs.

Keep track of fuel consumption

Monitoring fuel consumption is easy with Odoo. A fuel card will be linked to each vehicle in a fleet and this way you can know details about every refill.

Vehicle maintenance

Getting an overview of vehicle maintenance is secured with fleet management. You will get updates about repairs and maintenance.

Overview of vehicles

Get an overview of the vehicle. For example, costs. 


Get a comprehensive overview of vehicles with the help of multiple status reports. 

Reporting and analysis


Get a comprehensive overview of your vehicles from your dashboard. 

Overview by car

Get an overview of the cost of each vehicle in your fleet. 



The accounting report will have complete information about the moving fleets and are taken into account in forecasts. 


Fuel logs and other vehicles related expenses come under the employee expense and are taken into account related to employee management.


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