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Odoo Procurement Management Software

Make purchase orders flexible & easy.

Odoo Procurement Management Software

Automate your purchasing workflow

Once you have created a purchase order, it is secure and fast to reorder the purchase order based on your purchase flow, stock level and procurement details. It is also possible to customise your automation for purchase orders in line with manufacturing and delivery.
Odoo Procurement Management Software

Know price lists and product availability from suppliers

Importing supplier price lists, references, and product availability help you make the right purchase order for your business. It can also comprise offers, minimum quantities and contract conditions; which can be analysed in real-time to make the best choice for purchase orders. Sales price can be determined with regard to the supplier reference price.

Odoo Procurement Management Software

Purchase tenders availing the best offers

The quality of the vendor, the offers and discounts they provide, the minimum quantity of goods, purchase tenders, and the integrated answers of the vendors can be compared to other vendors to make a purchase tender from the array of vendors. Besides, you can use Blanket Order Agreement.
Odoo Procurement Management Software
Odoo Procurement Management Software

Accurate statistics on purchases

Getting accurate statistics on purchases and related matters is more secure and fast with our Odoo purchase management system. Our design and interface make the software easy to use thus boosting the productivity of the employees involved.

Manage companies with multi-company rules

Multi-company rules feature in Odoo purchase module let companies handle a multitude of companies under one roof. You can create sales orders, suppliers, end-users, products, invoices and so on for all companies simultaneously. So, it saves your precious time and you can concentrate on other important aspects of your business.
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Fast and Flexible

Modern user interface

Modern inventory management is secure with our modern interface as you need not use barcodes or any other scanning in addition to it.

Purchase tenders

Compare different vendors and their offers effortlessly and create the purchase order availing of the best offers. You can also launch purchase tenders while integrating answers from the vendors.

Control vendor bills

Our Odoo purchase management system uses 3-way matching to ensure you pay the exact amount mentioned in the bill.

Blanket order agreement

Negotiate prices with suppliers and get products on a recurring basis.
Request for Quotations

Create RfQs for suppliers

Create RfQs for suppliers with regard to each product and send out requests.

Personalise your message

While sending RfQs it is easy to add a custom note to your supplier.

Send RfQs by post or email

For convenience, you can request quotations by email or post.

Automate the entire process

Creating rules helps you send RfQs automatically to suppliers based on stock levels.

Avail offers multiple items

Send RFQS for different products.

Variant Grid Entry V13

You can easily differentiate the product variants based on colour and size within your purchase order by segregating variants using a grid or matrix.
Manage Orders

Monitor RfQs and orders

Keep track of all your quotes and purchase orders within a few clicks. Get an overview of the number of products and expected delivery date.

Automate ordering

Automate the entire ordering process by setting up procurement rules based on stock levels, minimum quantities as well as respective suppliers and other parameters.

Manage incoming orders

Keep track of your incoming orders and manage stock and warehouses in real-time.
Manage Invoicing

Create drafts

Create, cancel, and modify your invoices by drafting them very easily.

Manage internal moves

File and organize the movement of your products between two locations.

Manage future orders

Keep track of all future orders with regard to dates.
Operate Products

Create products

Create products based on criteria such as product type, barcode, reference price and sale price.

Know the status of stock

It is easy to keep an eye on product availability, incoming order and stock availability.

Add supplier reference

Adding supplier references makes it easy for both parties to find the product.

Specify storage location

You can define and allocate positions for products in your warehouse.

Specify product variants

Product variants can be easily updated in purchase management software.

Create conditions for sale

Specify the length of the warranty and date of manufacturing the product.

Create procurement rules

Procurement rules such as time of delivery, minimum quantity, reference of suppliers who distribute the item and other information can be created.

Specify your website and POS

It is easy to specify your POS mechanism and website with regard to a product.

Advanced search option

Get product details by searching in purchase order along with supplier reference.

Create accounting rules

Define taxes, customer accounts, supplier accounts and accounting categories in Odoo ERP purchase software.

Units of measure

You can purchase in different units and let Odoo purchase order software convert them.
Analyse and Forecast


Predefined dashboards let you easily bespoke dashboards adding filters as you want.

Inventory forecasts

You can get an inventory forecast against your approved sales orders, manufacturing orders as well as internal moves.
Multi-company Rules

Single Odoo environment

You can incorporate multiple companies in a single Odoo environment.

Automatic reconciliation between companies

Reconciliation of transactions between your company and other companies can be easily integrated with the purchase management software. It automatically set up mirror sale orders and purchase orders.

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