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University management software is the best to resolve every task related to universities when it comes to administration and examination. It’s an extensive and comprehensive Odoo ERP solution that guarantees optimal growth to educational institutions such as universities and colleges.

At Atheer Global Solutions, we provide a college and university management system that is multifaceted as it can be used for administration, exams, admission, library, hostel and so on. Finding minute details about any student in your university or college is viable and easy. The system is fully automated and works efficiently compared to manual tracking mechanisms. Concerned authorities feel at ease when a student graduates or needs any statements. They can rely on our university ERP software to get details about a student within a few clicks.

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Functionalities of ERP college management system

Key features of Odoo University Management System

Data Management

During the time of admission and campus placement, every college experience overload of data. Data management using manual labour has limitations and is time-consuming. Using the best university management software, you can effectively address data management without making any inaccuracies.

Personal Data

The personal data of students have to be confidentially kept from unauthorized access. With the help of a university management module, you can rest assured that the personal data of students are safe and sound. Frequent monitoring and top-notch security in all levels of access management ensure confidentiality.

Student Management

Every student enter in a university or college will have numerous data and managing every data requires arduous effort from the management. It comprises data related to areas of admission, exam, hostel, library, alumni details, health, activity log and guardian. Using the system, you can easily appraise a student and get performance reports to provide the best educational experience.

Using a College & University management system, you will be able to

Student Admission Management

The student admission management module in university management software is a blissful and helpful tool for the administration department. It collects each piece of information and saves everything until the candidate becomes a student in the college or university. The Odoo ERP solution segregates, categorize and automate student application based on eligibility criteria and priority list. Systematic and standardized filing of student data is possible.


Student Records Management

After the admission process, the next great task is records management. It is also made easy when you have the best ERP college management system. You need not rely on data entry work as the system automatically allocates and secures the record of every student.

Time – Table Management

A timetable is inevitable for every student’s life. You can effortlessly create a timetable based on the availability of teachers and other resources and if requires, can reset using the respective button in Odoo College Management ERP. With our ERP system, you can easily craft a timetable as the system helps in creating automatic timetables based on the following criteria:

Time Table Preparation

Attendance Management

Attendance determines the future of every student apart from their educational metrics. Using the Odoo ERP solution, you can record attendance easily and print attendance sheets daily or monthly.


Library Management

Libraries are used by students and need to be automated to provide a seamless library experience. With an automated Odoo ERP solution, you can easily maintain related details to a book such as an author, internal ID, ISBN code and so on. The proper management of a library is an arduous task but with the help of an ERP solution, it is easy. This contributes to the longevity of books.

Fees Management

Collecting fees from a student is made easy with our solution. Odoo ERP solution is effective and accurate in fee management. Every student will have their own set of requirements and fees to pay to the university or college. You can easily collect fees and keep a record of documents to view, share and print later.

Management of Fee Collection
Management of Fee Collection

Hostel Management

Odoo college management ERP makes the accommodation details of students and non-students hassle-free. It can record all information related to accommodation like shared rooms against names. Using the software, you can easily execute hostel payments and allocate facilities as per requirement.

Transport Management

Allocation and execution of transport facilities are secure with the transport management module in our Odoo ERP solution. It stores all information such as details of the driver, transportation charge, transportation medium, movement of the vehicle and travelling details of the students.

Activity Management

Activities are part of any curriculum and using the Odoo ERP solution it is super easy to allocate activities to students. Different kinds of activities can be maintained and filed against numbers in the system.

Exam Management

Exams are needed for every student and result in the assessment of the capability of any student. In the software, you can easily incorporate everything related to exam management. It is viable to include starting and ending times of an examination, online tools and criteria to be passed and so on.

Easy Segregation of Departments

Categories of departments in a University or college are a time-consuming task if executed manually. To avoid hassle and errors, educational institutions can let university management software take care of everything. It helps in segregating staff in each department and provides functional details and timetables apart from the categorization of departments.
Easy Categorization of Different Departments

Module Management

Bespoke module management in Odoo ERP software dedicated to university management is helping educational institutions. Timely competition of a subject is practical when you have a customised module manager. Besides, it eases the learning process and teaching process for students and teachers.

Staff Management

Managing staff is not at all hectic if the respective university or college has the best university management software available. Such a system lets the institution manage staff based on a feedback loop, module handling and classroom performance.
Manage Staffs

Incorporate Assignments and Projects

College students will have to do a lot of assignments, seminars and projects as part of their curriculum. The integration of assignments and projects makes the evaluation process simple and effective for educational institutions. Students can attach their assignments and projects online and see the remarks of teachers.
Facility for Incorporating Assignment and Projects

Assessment Management

Assess management is time-consuming and arduous for many educational institutions. Using our Odoo ERP solution, you will be able to come up with a timetable for assessment. Scheduling exams, preparing question papers, creating reference material and internal audits are super easy with automated university software.

Score Management and Certification

When a university or college conducts exams, the score management and certification become more arduous than ever for institutions. With the help of our Odoo university management system, you can use predefined score management and certification facilities in the software to meet your unique requirements. Besides, you can have a progress sheet to know the progress of students to be used for appraisal.
Score Management and Certification

Communication With Students and Parents

The university management solution proposed by Atheer Global Solutions lets you communicate with students, parents or guardians as well as teachers. It has different sections to communicate to different categories of people such as student to teacher, student to parent and so on. Such an automated system reminds the students about everything from their college fee due date to social activities held in college or university.
Regular Communication with Students & Parents

Management Of Network Institutions

Universities and colleges will have to manage and optimize several institutions apart from the main storey. We help you manage a network of institutions as our system can carry out all related services such as accounting, admission, administration, and student and staff management.

Faculty Management

With an excellent Odoo ERP solution, you can determine the current status of faculties in your educational institution. It comprises teaching staff as well as non-teaching staff. You can count on our software to deal with payments, administration, appointments, leave management and so on.
Faculty Management

Schedule Programs

Scheduling events and programs in university or college is no more a manual task. Every educational institution will hold events and non-academic activities. So, we help you organize and schedule these with automated features.

Accounts Management

You can safely create accounts at all levels in Odoo ERP software from us. Integration and compilation of accounts are easier with an automated ERP solution. It is accurate and time-saving as external and internal auditing become a piece of cake.
Accounts Management
Accounts Management

Why choose Atheer’s University Management ERP System?

Atheer’s Odoo University management software is a complete suite intended for colleges and universities. Our simple yet quick solution is the best as it is optimized at different levels. You can blindly use our Odoo ERP application to handle every process related to your educational institution. Bespoke features can be added as per your specific requirements.

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