College & University Management ERP System

It provides a User-friendly Interface with the Freedom of Open-source. The system can be used to track the day to day activities of the university.

University Management system is a multi-purpose University management software with complete solution for Admission, Exams, Activities, Hostel, Library etc.

Using University Management System, finding student information is just a few seconds away which might have cost hours, or even days, before. At the end of the semester, printing students’ statement becomes just a few minutes’ job

System Provides functionality like
university management

Management of educational institutions and colleges / University of graduation and post-graduation level needs unending efforts and manual support. The entry of specialized University management ERPs in the education sector brings changes in the college management field.

The Odoo partner comes up with an innovative Odoo College & University Management ERP to manage everything with a few mouse clicks. Stress-free report preparation, Data management, collection and safe storage will no more bother you.

The Odoo College & University Management ERP would make you relax. You can trust our ERP application for the easy management of all your tasks. The admissions process, interviews, time table setting, attendance management and examination becomes easier with Odoo College & University Management ERP.

The importance is to choose the best Odoo solution that meets all your demands and has endless scope for optimization and enhancement. The modernization would decrease the workload and increase its efficiency.

Using this opportunity, we can make the best use of our Odoo College Management ERP to run the higher education institution the best way. Odoo ERP has different solutions for different departments. We offer a single point solution with an alert support system.

The Odoo College & University Management ERP development to installation, the training to implementation and setting the module to the safe operation of the system, we give the best support.

The ultimate solution for technical glitches of the Odoo ERP for colleges and institutions are related to the selection of candidates, admission process, the conduct of examinations, performance of the review of students and faculty.

Maintenance management and Library management comes under a single unit with the Odoo. Software is exclusively designed for everything needed for you and to find a place among the features of your application.

With the use of Open Source Code, your application is enhanced based on your need. Follow up and Support system are key to the successful operation of the Odoo College & University Management ERP.

What is the need of Odoo for coordinating college & University management operations?

The key features to improve the efficiency of the system.

Data Management

The major crisis for an educational institution is data overload during campus placement and time of admission. Issues with data overload are addressed if you have the best software solution to manage the data.

You have to find your best in Odoo College Management ERP and the data management becomes a cakewalk. The different heads and subheads, effective mechanism for categorization of data and proper use of content management system, the data management feature of Odoo College & University Management ERP would help you arrange data the perfect way.

Personal Data

The safety of collected data remains a concern for institutions. When you trust Odoo College Management ERP, safety isn’t a worry. The good feature of Odoo College & University Management ERP is the safe management of data.

Stored data remains safe and accessible with the support of access code. Management teams have access to the data to frequently monitor the process and bring necessary changes. Odoo is an open software to give better security than proprietary applications. The security level is tested at every level.

Student Management

These records maintain the detailed information of the students – Educational , Assignments , Library , Alumni details , Placement Offers , Health details , activity log , parents etc

Student’s performance leads to the success of an institution. The success of a student in real life and academic career takes the institution to the helm. Review on the performance of students is the key factor for management to improve their academic standards.

Odoo College Management ERP auto-generates report on student performance. It helps the management and teacher to improve the academic level and activity level of the particular student.

Student Admission Management

This form keeps track of people came to take admission thentrough this their admission gets confirmed and that cadidate becomes a student of school/college.

The toughest task for every institution is the admission process. Right from inviting applications to the selling of application form and receiving application from sorting the form are laborious.

Categorization of applications are based on the skill level and qualification of the applicant. The segregation of application to different sections of department wise admission and selection process becomes easy with Odoo College Management ERP.

The important features of Odoo College Management ERP is the ease it offers for the admission process. The use of Odoo College Management ERP can automate the update on an application sold status, sorting of applications and the application received status.

Candidates listing are based on the eligibility and setting the priority lists. It is easy to crack the systematic filing of student data for department-level interviews with the Odoo College Management ERP.


Student Records Management

Documentation of student records is the next task involved after the admission process. The Odoo College Management ERP is specialized in document management offering the best result.

The collected documents with details of selected candidates get automatically transferred to the student records with less effort. Minimal data entry work is needed for completing these processes.

Time – Table Management

Using this facility , Time table is created . Time table can be viewed student-wise or Standard – wise.

The Odoo College Management ERP offers the best support to prepare the time-tables. By integrating different departments, the timetables for modules are prepared to avoid confusion.

The easy task is the time-consuming process with Odoo College Management ERP as this depends on the already provided data with availability of facilities and teachers to prepare the time table. To reset the time table and sent the time alert to students becomes quick with the Odoo College Management ERP.

Time Table Preparation

Attendance Management

We can add student attendance records. We can print Daily attendance sheet, Monthly attendance sheet .


Library Management

List of name of books along with their quantity available , author , ISBN code , Internal Id etc can be maintained

The library is the learning centre for most of the institution and library management is a key task. For books like non-fiction, fiction, and academic books, the proper management of the library system is mandatory to avoid mismanagement and misplacing of books.

By enabling the entry of every book to Odoo College Management ERP Software, the ERP application allows the library management wing to get a clear idea about the number of books.

Books collected by students, books for reference purpose and other documents are accessed without difficulty. This eases the library to be managed and avoids damage and loss of books. New books demand can be noted in the system based on the student needs. Financial management of library purchase becomes simple with Odoo College Management ERP.

Fees Management

Predefined fee structure is created to charge that much fees from all those students.

The major highlight of Odoo College Management ERP is the effective management of fee collection. The Odoo College Management ERP offers you the best solution to manage and collect the fees. Managing all documents related to fee collection in an easy to avail manner makes the fee collection management of Odoo College Management ERP the best.

This has pending lists to send auto-generated alerts to students for fee payment and would identify all details with a click. The repeated alerts of fee filing date, communication and documentation of fee structure with a single click make it easy to use.

Management of Fee Collection
Management of Fee Collection

Hostel Management for Colleges & Universities

Hostel Rooms information like – Students per room, List of students whom particular room is allocated etc is maintained

Managing hostel students and accommodation facilities for teaching and non-teaching staff becomes easier with Odoo College Management ERP.

By customising the feature, the availability of rooms, students strengths of hostels and facilities offered are accessible at a click. Students requirements are reviewed and rooms are allotted accordingly. The hostel fee payment and quality management would be effective with Odoo College Management ERP.

Transport Management

The transport can be managed for the students. Students can be allotted transport Facility.

The major task is transportation management for all educational institutions including colleges. Odoo College Management ERP gives a solution for transportation management too.

The facility has features to add details of vehicles used for student transportation, other employees of the vehicle, personal details of the driver, transportation charges and student travel details. By tracking the movement of the vehicle, it provides the safety of students.

Activity Management

Activity types can be maintained

Exam Management

Exams can be created along with details like – start time, end time, minimum marks required Total marks, time and duration

Easy Categorization of Different Departments

The major part of Odoo College Management ERP is the easy categorization of different departments. An effective way is offered by categorizing the department effectively. The listing of different sections, teaching staff of each department, timetables and functional details come under the department with the support of Odoo College Management ERP.

Categorization of different departments would streamline the smooth operation of all departments. Odoo College Management ERP systematizes the operation of each department and eases the monitoring by the monitoring wing.

Easy Categorization of Different Departments

Module Management

To manage the modules you have to include the e-learning modules and academic texts as another feature of the customized Odoo College Management ERP. This helps to schedule every module into different sessions and have timely completion of portions.

Module revision, module end assessment process and review of learning levels are eased with the help of the module management feature. Session integration eases the learning process and combines the module included in different courses for better understanding. This becomes easy with the module management feature of the ERP application.

Manage Staffs

Handling staff performance review facility is a highlight of Odoo College Management ERP. Classroom performance, student ratings, feedback and module handling are constantly reviewed with the help of Odoo College Management ERP.
Manage Staffs

Facility for Incorporating Assignment and Projects

The important highlight of Odoo College Management ERP is the facility of incorporating assignments and projects. The modern system of projects, education and assignments play an essential role in reviewing the understanding level of students.

It is easy to file projects and assignments by students through an online platform and get graded quickly. Quick submission of academic works, the facility to monitor the timelines and review the improvement becomes simpler with Odoo College Management ERP.

Facility for Incorporating Assignment and Projects

Managing Assessment

To arrange an assessment time table for a college or university is time-consuming work. With the Odoo College Management ERP Examination management and exam calendar preparation, it becomes quick.

To schedule the examination for entering marks, prepare the exam question paper and get approval for the exam calendar and question paper with a few clicks of our Odoo College Management ERP. This offers a system to manage all examination related documents for future reference. The reference material would be used during the external and internal audits for the review in the future.

Score Management and Certification

The conduct of examination alone does not complete the exam process. Another task is score management that is directly related to the examination. Odoo College Management ERP offers the certification facility and best score management that suits your institution or college.

The score for all projects, exams, assignments and other activities are entered and managed with Odoo College Management ERP. Special features help the management and teacher to review the learning pattern of all the students.

The progress chart and score sheet could be helpful for final review and certification. This helps to certify the talent and skill of every student at different levels. Participation and activities are reviewed and certified without manual work. The student-related data is available with a click in Odoo College Management ERP as this helps in the quick certification process.

Score Management and Certification

Regular Communication with Students & Parents

There is the possibility of regular communication with the student community with the Odoo College Management ERP. Besides the teacher to student communication, the management of student communication is enabled with Odoo College Management ERP.

Communication from different sections has accounts, a library and departments to be managed and enabled with Odoo College Management ERP. It helps the students to keep alert about the fee filing dates, operations, special activities, timetable changes and so on.

Regular Communication with Students & Parents

Easy Management of Network Institutions

Besides managing one institution, the Odoo College Management of ERP assists in the smooth functioning of network institutions. It enables Odoo College Management ERP a suitable option for universities with some optimization process.

Accounts, student management, staff management and admission of different institutions are carried without any hassle using Odoo College Management ERP.

Faculty Management

A proper staff management facility requires the number of teaching, non-teaching staff and the educational institution. The appointment of staff members, their payment salary, classroom activities, leave management, are all controlled and monitored with Odoo College Management ERP.
Faculty Management

Schedule Programs and Observations

Academic and non-academic programs are part of every institution and college. Program scheduling features serve as the key part of the Odoo College Management ERP.

Accounts Management for Colleges & Universities

The accounts management system of Odoo College Management ERP is effective. All entries are completed at different levels with few payment and ease of compilation of the account.

Managing maintenance cost and repair work are sent by approval requests for work and online generation of approval. The external and internal auditing becomes a quick task with Odoo College Management ERP.

Accounts Management
Accounts Management

Why to choose Odoo?

The Odoo College Management ERP is well suited for all colleges as it is optimized at different levels. Enhancing the ERP application becomes simple and quick if the application is assisted with Odoo College Management ERP.

Odoo would minimize the manual and data entry work. This avoids all technical glitches thereby providing the best security features sought by all educational institutions.

The Odoo College Management ERP along with open software support enables the inclusion of fresh features based on the requirement of the institution. The efficiency of the Odoo College Management ERP and one-click solution highlights the Odoo ERP for colleges.

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