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AWS consulting services help your business to run your applications and websites on the cloud in the most effective way. It is simple and safe for corporates, startups or any other businesses. No matter what kind of your business, you can use the cloud infrastructure to the most degree to operate your business. The rapid expansion of cloud computing like AWS cloud services is used by businesses because of its various advantages. You can have plenty of resources and cloud offerings without an on-premise infrastructure at affordable prices.

You can operate a robust infrastructure in the cloud with the help of AWS cloud consulting services. Cloud computing is the best option you can avail but having a system by yourself is not a trivial matter as there are many obstacles.

Being the best provider of AWS consulting services, we deliver AWS cloud computing solutions that are a prominent service so far for you. You have absolute control over virtual servers and other computing units. We architect, implement, support, and secure AWS solutions on your behalf and you can focus on other important areas of your business. The regions and availability zones of AWS services ensure the data on the cloud is secure and available at any time. Multiple client components, multiple availabilities of zones and other features make AWS cloud the best solution for your business.

At Atheer Global Solutions, we have AWS experts who are enthusiastic about all the latest technologies about AWS. Our team has vast years of experience in Amazon Cloud Services to help you have the sound infrastructure or sound cloud migration.

Around-the-clock support is given to your business with the help of our AWS experts. Our team monitor and support your AWS-based infrastructure. We take care of AWS DevOps automation as well as deployments. At Atheer Global Solutions, you get the best AWS cloud operations in terms of availability, reliability, scalability and security.

  • More than 7 years of experience in AWS
  • Guaranteed SLA
  • Around-the-clock support via call
  • Security audit per month
  • Cost optimization consulting
  • Scalable architecture design and implementation

Our experts guide you in every step

We help you in all aspects of AWS, from log maintenance, cost optimization, user maintenance, or any AWS-related assistance. You are provided contacts to our AWS engineers who can architect the cloud environment according to your wants and needs. With AtheerIT, you can confidently optimize, monitor, support your cloud infrastructure.

Capabilities of AWS

AWS is more innovative because it has got distributed presence over many geographical regions and helps companies to innovate solutions faster than they realise. It also uses Datapipe AWS Migration Services.
AWS service is known for its top-notch performance. AWS Direct Connect increases management, deployment and creation of hybrid infrastructure for your business.
Role-based access credentials and AWS audit control model let your business enjoy high security on the public cloud.
Migration and optimization of databases are possible using AWS offerings. You will get best support using AWS cloud offerings.
Identifying costs and security issues are easy with AWS. You can avail complete data-mining.
The AWS cloud Trail solution analyse API activity for your AWS network.
Integrating and operating enterprise applications on Amazon Web Service is viable for businesses. You can integrate Microsoft solutions on AWS.
AWS storage management solutions store and backup data; so that you would not lose any data.

AWS Managed Services Offerings

Amazon Web Services account to be the most acknowledged cloud computing platform due to its wide variety of cloud offerings to end-users.

CloudWatch Monitoring in AWS

CloudWatch monitoring on AWS lets you monitor your applications and websites to pace up the performance. Tracking your infrastructure in a comprehensive manner is easy with Cloud Watch. At Atheer Global Solutions, we follow the best practices.
Auto Scaling in AWS

Auto Scaling

Opting for AWS managed services, you can rest assured that the autoscaling application allows you to grow and shrink concerning demands.

Storage Optimization

As an AWS consulting service provider, Atheer lets you foresee your storage needs and helps in storage optimization.
AWS CloudFront

AWS CloudFront

With us, you can avail every cloud offering offered by AWS services.

Project Management

Your cloud arrangements ranging from design to execution can be handled by hiring our AWS specialists.
Project Management


We never compromise on security and ensure you have a safe and secure cloud infrastructure to host applications.

Security Partner

Our AWS consultants ensure your business applications and other digital assets are secured and encrypted in every way possible. With us, you will be better equipped to face cyber-security challenges.
Security Partners


Scale up or scale down as per your business requirement is safe and sound with the best AWS consulting company.

Reserved Instant Recommendations

You can reserve services and resources in a particular zone within a region considering your workloads. This results in cost savings.

Why choose Atheer as AWS Managed Service Provider?

Amazon is famous for innovation. The pace at your organization can grow and develop with Amazon cloud consulting services is beyond imagination. At Atheer Global Solutions, we help diverse companies to embrace the wide possibilities of cloud computing through our AWS cloud management service. You will get faster releases and deployment and can effortlessly manage your infrastructure like never before. We propose the best strategy and monitor your digital assets including a website for greater security and performance. Atheer, being a top AWS managed service provider have served customers around the world using the local region spanning service of AWS.

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