AtheerIT, your trusted AWS Managed Service Partner

AtheerIT helps you build, optimize, secure, and manage your cloud infrastructure. Our team is well experienced in architecting, optimizing, implementing, supporting, and securing AWS Cloud Solutions.

Our AWS team, with its vast experience, will guide you with the optimal cloud infrastructure needed for the existing infrastructure migration happening in a building or in a new cloud. Our 24/7 monitoring and management helps implement highly available and scalable architecture designs.

With our Managed AWS Services, you attain 24/7 support and monitoring for your applications server. This also includes well-defined SLA, complete management of your AWS-based infrastructure, AWS DevOps Automation, Database and Application service deployments, etc. While opting for our services, we ensure that the cloud operations are highly available, automated, monitored, optimized, and secured with proper disaster recovery plans.

  • Seven + Years of AWS consulting experience
  • Guaranteed SLA
  • 24/7 On-call Support
  • Monthly Security Audit
  • Cost optimization Consulting
  • Scalable Architecture Design and Implementation

Our experts guide you in every step

We help you in all aspects of AWS, from log maintenance, cost optimization, user maintenance, or any AWS-related assistance. You are provided contacts to our AWS engineers who can architect the cloud environment according to your wants and needs. With AtheerIT, you can confidently optimize, monitor, support your cloud infrastructure.

Capabilities of AWS

Experience in moving complex enterprise workloads, Datapipe’s AWS Migration Services guide you through every step and past the competition.
AWS Direct Connect maximizes efficiencies in the creation, deployment, and management of your hybrid infrastructure.
Through careful role-based access and tracking, our Access and Audit Control Model for the Cloud provides enhanced AWS security without relinquishing access credentials.
Our AWS Database Migration & Management offerings marry the power of AWS with the next-gen innovation, strategy, and support of Datapipe.
Comprehensive data-mining across 100% of the environments to track costs, identify security issues, and optimize utilization.
The AWS CloudTrail solution provides all information for your AWS network.
Our experience makes us the perfect partner to manage your Microsoft Solutions on AWS.
Our AWS storage management solutions allow you to store and backup your data with resilience, reliability, and optimized performance.

Services Managed by AWS

CloudWatch monitoring ensures that the applications and the website is always monitored and is up for performance. We at AtheerIT follow reliable practices. CloudWatch helps monitor and track your infrastructure in case of any circumstances.
Auto Scaling in AWS

Auto Scaling in AWS

Auto Scaling is an actual application as it allows you to grow and shrink concerning demand. We effectively help leverage this service such that you get to avail all the potential of AWS.

Storage Optimization in AWS

Storage takes much of your cloud bill if not appropriately overseen. With AtheerIT’s hands-on experience, we help optimize storage so that you do not need to spend unnecessarily.
AWS CloudFront

AWS CloudFront

We are your dedicated service team when it comes to knowing the available options of AWS, as it is constantly adding on new features.

Project Management

From design assemble conference, through execution and relocation such as onboarding, the ATHEER IT group of specialized architects has practical experience to help deal with your cloud arrangements—our innovative automation systems speed access to data and solutions. With our automated managed services, we take a human-centered approach in both service and support.

Project Management


Our in-house engineers design the applications such that they are secured from the ground. Our experts ensure secure and cost-efficient infrastructure for workloads and applications.

Security Partner

With Cloud, new possibilities along with new security challenges came up. The rapidly changing threat landscape of the Cloud is challenging for any company to keep pace with. Our experience helps you equipped for the most challenging cybersecurity challenges.
Security Partners


Rightsizing helps identify the infrastructure in which your application runs and then adjust the resources accordingly. Our experts enable navigate the dynamic nature of cloud workload and detailed information on how each application runs with greater efficiency.

Reserved Instant Recommendations

A reserved instance is a reservation of resources and capacity, for either one or three years, for a particular Availability Zone within a region. This can help save a considerable amount on your AWS bill. Our experts can guide you to choose the right one for your workloads.

Your AWS Cloud Management with Us

At AtheerIT help, companies understand and utilize the potentials of cloud computing, how it is advantageous for your organization, and make much better business decisions. AS an experienced AWS partner, we work closely with your team and develop a steadfast strategy for deployment and stable release. Our in-depth expertise in Dev-Ops helps automate deployment.

By opting for our AWS environments, you can effectively utilize the time spent tracking infrastructure to venturing into new landscapes. Our monitoring systems are multiple and stable, like New Relic and ELK Stack, and provides maximum performance for your website. Our highly monitored services alert us in case of any issues.

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