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What is IT Security Assessment/Penetration Testing?

Penetration testing, pen testing, or security assessment, is a form of ethical cyber security assessment activity which is conducted to find, safely exploit, help fix vulnerabilities in computer systems, applications, websites, and networks.

Using the same tools, and methods utilised by cyber criminals, penetration testing replicates the nature of a genuine cyber-attack.

Carrying out a security assessment test allows organisations to reduce the security risks and improve the overall security posture by mitigating weaknesses before a malicious attacker exploits them.

  • Fixes flaws before being exploited by malicious hackers
  • Supports domestic and international standards compliance
  • Provides independent assurance of security controls
  • Shows commitment to security
  • Improves awareness of cyber security risks
  • Helps in planning future security investments

Why Your Organisation Needs an IT Security Penetration Test?

In accordance to the constant evolving threats, it is highly recommended that every organisation conducts penetration testing at least once a year, and more frequently when:

  • Making major changes to the infrastructure
  • Launching new products or services
  • Preparing for compliance with security standards
  • Developing custom applications

Types of Penetration Testing

Network Infrastructure
Application & API
Security Review
Mobile Application
Security Testing
Web Application
Security Testing
Remote Work Security
Firewall Configuration
Security Auditing

Common Vulnerabilities

Some vulnerabilities aren’t easy to detect using automated scans and software tools. By finding and exploiting flaws that are missed by automated online or offline scanning assessments, and providing help to rectify weakness, HiEFiCiENCi security assessment services enable you to recognise and significantly reduce cyber security risks at your organisation.

HiEFiCiENCi is backed by highly skilled, experienced, and motivated professionals. Our range of expertise help organisations to effectively mitigate cyber security risks by identifying, safely exploit, and help fix vulnerabilities that could otherwise lead to data loss and assets get compromised by cyber criminals. All our security assessments are confidential and unlike real world cyber-attacks, are carried out to cause no damage of service disruption. A HiEFiCiENCi penetration test will help discover vulnerabilities including:

  • Insecure configurations
  • Flaws in encryption
  • Programming and code weaknesses
  • Session management flaws
  • Authentication and authorisation flaws
reporting and remediation

Supporting You Address Your Vulnerabilities

To improve your organisation’s security posture, it is vital not only to identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses, but also to take proper procedures to address them. Our IT security assessment services include clear recommendations and advice to protect your assets.

Upon completion of the assessment, you would be presented with:

  • Detailed findings of all risks identified
  • Potential impact of each vulnerability
  • Exploitation insights
  • Recommended solutions and actions to be taken
  • Strategic security recommendations

Our Security Qualifications

Our team of ethical hackers and security assessment experts possess the skills and experience to discover the latest threats. Our team members are certified from the following:

Offensive Security

Our Penetration Testing Methodology

  • Scoping
  • Intelligence gathering
  • Active Scanning and analysis
  • Service identification
  • Application analysis
  • Service exploitation
  • Privilege escalation
  • Pivoting
  • Reporting and debriefing


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