Automate, Manage and Streamline administration of school within a few clicks

Simplify & manage day-to-day operations at school easily.

Odoo school management system software from Atheer guarantees automation for school management.

Schools like any other institutions are utilizing advanced technology like school management system software. It enables educational institutions to manage and maintain all activities related to students, teachers and non-teaching staff. Ather Global Solutions offer the best school management system to support the daily operations of your school. The integration of the latest Odoo ERP solution for school management ensures the following things are in order every day to make smooth operations.

school management
Atheer’s school management software is all in one place to take care of and record all activities of school administration falling under different categories.

Features of school management ERP software

Make everyday school administration like breeze with Atheer’s school management module:

Admission Register in Odoo ERP Solution

Streamline all procedures of admission within a few clicks.

Assignment Management

The best school ERP software from Atheer Global solutions lets you create, file and notify assignments into the software. Odoo school management module can be of great assistance in managing your assignments.

Attendance Management

Track the attendance of students and generate reports based on day, week, month and year.

Exam Management

Scheduling an exam and conducting it based on several criteria is easy with our Odoo school management system.

Appraisal Management

Getting the results and performance of a student in an exam can be automated with an efficient school management system.

Fee Management

The various fees of a student ranging from administration to hostel can be settled and recorded in real-time with the help of our Odoo ERP solution.
Management of Fee Collection
Management of Fee Collection

Timetable Management

Create a bespoke timetable based on the availability of teachers. You can also schedule break times and periods for the day.
Time Table Preparation

Issue Books for the Library

Issue books, record books, overdue and name of the book and so on using the Odoo ERP module for the library.

Transport Management

Get full-fledged details about the type of vehicle, the fuel details and driver details and other details in one place.

Easy Segregation of Departments

Department segregation can be effectively carried out using our Odoo ERP solution.
Easy Categorization of Different Departments

Staff Management

Manage, allocate and implement work within your organisation like never before.
Manage Staffs

Assignment and Project Management

Incorporate and assign assignments, seminars and projects to the respective batches with software.
Facility for Incorporating Assignment and Projects

Score Management and Certification

Score management, performance evaluation and certification are easy with the Odoo ERP module.
Score Management and Certification

Communication with Parents

It is convenient to contact and communicate with parents and guardians as all information related to parents will be recorded in the system and can be taken within a click.
Regular Communication with Students & Parents

Faculty Management

Managing teaching and non-teaching staff of your educational institution is not rocket science with our school management software.
Faculty Management

Accounts Management

Accounts can be integrated and automated using our Odoo ERP school management software.
Accounts Management
Accounts Management

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