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Builders and contractors can blindly make use of our construction management software to streamline all your projects. Atheer Global Solution’s construction management software has been used by many contractors to set a standard of construction cost control. With the best construction management software, you can clearly define the cost of the project as well as the scope. It helps you foresee unwanted costs and stick to the budget. If needed, you can make any changes to the ongoing project. You can always rely on our Odoo ERP software to manage and optimise construction cost control to achieve high lucidness in project management.

Cost Estimation Sheet

  • Construction Odoo ERP software has a module that helps in the creation of the cost estimation sheet of a project.
  • A cost estimation sheet has details of material estimation, labour estimation and overhead estimation.
  • After approval, you can create a bill of estimation sheet.

Cost Estimation Report

It estimates all costs required to complete a project.


Ongoing projects.

Project Analysis

It helps in determining the aspects of a particular project in project management.

Project Note

It helps in the creation of project notes for projects.

Project Issue

Construction and work order issues in projects are executed in the project Issue module. Employees working on-site construction use this module to raise issues related to work-life.

Work Order

The time sheet of an employee with regard to the project is maintained in the work order module. It manages sales orders, project issues, vehicle requests and so on.

Work Order Note

Work order notes are created with this module and any changes to the work can be recorded here.

Equipment Request

The module handles all equipment requests. An invoice is automatically generated against specified equipment requests.

Vehicle Request

To execute a smooth work order, employees can request vehicles. The Driver manages the invoice raised against the vehicle request.


The module is dedicated to managing employees and their employment contracts.

Employee Contract

Every active employee of your form will have an employee contract comprising salary structures.

Employee Payslip

Generate payslips by setting different salary rates for different employees.

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