The Concept of Devops

DevOps Consulting Services

At AtheerIT, you can find the best talents in DevOps, Continuous Delivery, Continuous Integration, and Deployment areas. Our experience makes us one of the top vendors at optimizing cloud implementation, minimizing costs, and improving scalability, reliability, and security of applications. We deliver high-quality, well-tested applications with rich features and functionalities.
DevOps Automation and Consulting Services

DevOps Automation

The fastest way to get your infrastructure in a consistent, competitive, and highly scalable format is through DevOps. We value the time frame given to us and provide a very accurate time estimate. Our integration process starts with assessing existing services and coming up with the list of areas for improvement required to develop a DevOps strategy successfully.

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At AtheerIT are equipped with DevOps engineers, cloud developers, and network engineers capable of deploying challenging products in no time. If you wish to build a professional DevOps team or hire a seasoned engineer, select someone from DevOps.
Select our talented engineers
Continuous Integration and Delivery

Integration & Delivery

Continuous integration is the process of merging all developer’s updated codes to a shared repository. Frequently integrating changed or new codes to the repository provides an up to date product concerning market trends. The software developed is in short periods making sure they can be merged with an existing product at the given time. The main objective is to build, test and release software faster and frequently.

Deployment services

The final and the most critical part is the software deployment cycle, and The deployment cycle ensures that the risks are minimal and the code changes are minor. The regular updates also ensure that the products’ inefficiencies are removed and better options are available.
Constant monitoring and support

Constant monitoring & support

The Monitoring and Support service at AtheerIT is cost-effective and is a secure way to maintain uptime from remote locations. The critical component of our managed services is the monitoring of client systems and red-flagging of potential issues. With round the clock monitoring services, we ensure proactive monitoring and alerting systems with the least downtime. With such an efficient monitoring system, we can fix any potential issues before they negatively impact the business.


Security of the products is essential, and with DevOps, we can attain the same through multiple testing procedures like vulnerability and penetration testing. Automated testing techniques help test the performance, and these precautions make the product higher in quality.

How can DevOps help your business?

DevOps aims to eliminate both expected and unexpected bottlenecks. The deployment and developers work as a team complimenting each other on a shared platform. This reduces time and helps adapt to changing market conditions driving efficient business results.
Both the developers and operations as a team share responsibilities on their workflow. With DevOps, innovation works as the key, which is not found in other operations.
By increasing the frequency of releases, your product can be improved faster. With continuous integration and continuous delivery, the automated release of software from build to deployment occurs. This ensures the creation of a competitive product regardless of competition and time.
The cost associated with development and deployment is reduced as the product is developed ahead of time. While comparing to traditional software development practices, DevOps soars in time with its reliability and scalability. With continuous integration and continuous delivery, one can ensure that change is functional and safe. With the help of Monitoring and Logging practices, one can stay informed of performance in real-time.
With DevOps, one can manage complex changing systems with ease. The testing process ensures that the software is getting through all benchmarks. By following DevOps practices, the testing team partners with the development team to make the required changes. One can adopt a DevOps model without sacrificing security by using automated compliance policies, fine-grained controls, and configuration management techniques.

Tools and Technologies of DevOps

With AtheerIT engineers, the quality, speed, and efficiency of the software applications are increased. With the proper selection of tools and technologies, you can convert your obsolete software and infrastructure management processes.

Our DevOps support team at AtheerIT helps you in the rapid release cycle and minimizes bottlenecks from your pipeline. Our team can help you in the fully automated deployment of Continuous Integration and Management tools to control the entire application infrastructure.

With DevOps integration, the practices are plain and straightforward, and codes are employed 30 times more frequently than their competitors, with 50% deployment fails. With DevOps incorporation, there is a 50% efficiency in the overall result. The term DevOps is itself a cult-like status.

Tools and Technologies of DevOps

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