The Odoo Human Resource Management deals with employee management and their strategies. Odoo has features like contract management, attendances, timesheets, leaves and documents related to payroll. For generating the payslip for every employee, we must configure their contracts first.

When an employee has an active contract, the payslips are generated. The contract has working schedules, basic pay, duration and related details. The employees could opt for more contracts to generate the payslips as the active one or the latest one would be taken.

Odoo Payroll system can be integrated with the Accounting module. This creates a journal entry after the confirmation of the payslip. This is processed by the manager or account advisor. For integrating with the account, we must install the plugin of Payroll Accounts from the Odoo apps menu. Payslips generated are then exported as pdf, then managers could analyze the reports provided by Odoo.

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For generating a payslip for the employee, we must set up a contract with a salary structure. The salary structure would be the record of the set of rules and structures inherited or used for other contracts. Salary structure is included with one or more salary rules. This helps the actual computation when generating a payslip. The configurations are done under the payroll settings. With the use of salary structure and salary rules menu, you could create rules and structures.

The Odoo HR Payroll Management supports the payslips generation as batches. We could include one or more employees or do category-wise batches. Mass creation of a payslip for a group of employees are achieved with this feature.


Employees with active contracts are valid to generate payslips. Contracts can be accessed under the Employees main menu.
hr payroll

Salary Structure

hr payroll
hr payroll

Salary Rules

It is the set of rules which define the computation of salary amount of different category. Different salary categories are Basic, Allowance, Deduction, Gross, Net, etc.
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If an employee is under a running contract then we can generate a payslip for those employees and hence the payslip will be calculated according to the selected salary structure in the contract. After generating a payslip it can be exported as pdf. Managers/Officers can approve payslip and while confirming payslip. It will generate its related journal entry on accounts.
hr payroll

Payslip can be created under the Employee payslips menu.

hr payroll management
payroll management

Payslip Batches

We can generate a payslip for a batch of employees. That is enabled under the Payslips batches menu. You can create payslip as batches using this feature.
odoo payroll
Use Generate Payslip button for selecting multiple employees and use Generate Button to create a payslip for selected employees.

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