Tips to Manage Payroll in Odoo 13

The employees having remuneration payments in a company must be managed and provided with utmost care. Every month’s salary calculations are provided with various parameters set by the company. It is based on the leaves, the company approved vacations and time off days.

When the salary is due every month the company tracks work entries, duties and attendance performed by the employee for the respective month.

The company is liable to provide employees the travel allowances and food coupons for each month.

These allowance amounts are enclosed with salary and depicted in the payslip. It is important for the company and the employee about the payslips information since they are used to procure various bank mortgages for the employee and have a record while filing the monthly taxes.

Odoo platform allows the user to generate payroll with allowances included in them. The platform allows users to set the rules of calculation about the salaries and parameters.

To set the salary parameters and allowances for an employee

The salaries for every employee in Odoo is based on several parameters set in the contract allocated to each employee. Parameters set are based on the basic pay package developed in the contract and adds allowances for each respective employee.

Basic pay is set based on the level of employee operation within the company, considering the work nature, educational qualifications, experience and so on.

This platform allows the user to post employees to work under contract for the company and to watch the employee being agreed upon the salary in the terms and conditions of the contract.

For setting the salary payment parameter of an employee in the odoo payroll module of the platform, you can select the respective employee on which the payroll parameter has been set. From the employees, the window selects the contracts icon that displays the user about the employee contract information.

By selecting the contract icon in the employee menu, the user gets directed to the window. Then select the respective contract to which the salaries are accounted.

By selecting the respective contract the user will be redirected to the respective contract window that provides all the contact information.

The user can now view the contract name and the company allocated to it. The user could choose the salary structure type from the structures listed in the module.

The user could also provide the job position on which the employee is recruited for and the contract template can also be allocated.

In the contract details section, specific details of the contract are mentioned. The working schedule of the employee is mentioned in which the employee salary would be calculated.

The working schedules vary from country and region of operation. The HR responsible are assigned and the duration of the contract details are mentioned.

On the salary information menu, the user could provide the details of the salary. The wage is provided and additional allowances such as fuel cards, meal vouchers, and representation fees can be provided. Yearly advantages and the monthly benefits can also be provided.

The user could now generate the link containing all the contact information to be sent to the employee who is to be hired. The contract information is shared through email and the employee will be provided with all the details as they can accept the offer or reject it.

Managing payrolls for all employees

Managing the payrolls for the employee are done accurately by briefing the off times and approved vacation times for each employee.

The user could vial the options work entry in the payroll module that depicts all the information related to attendance and the off days of the employee. By selecting the respective employee, the user could view all the conflicting errors that had appeared in the month.

The user filters all the conflicting information by selecting the conflicting option in the filter menu. The user views all the conflicting information related to the month irrespective of the employee. The user can note they only generate the payslip after clearing the conflicting attendance entries available for each employee.

You have to select the respective conflicting date on which the user will be depicted with a pop-up window. The user either validates the request and saves them, or refuses the time of the request, in both cases the conflict will be resolved.

By clearing all the conflicts available in the payroll section, the user can now generate the payslip for every employee by selecting the generate pay slip option available in the window.

When generating a payslip, it lists out for the specific month and the payslips are allocated with the entry that can be viewed by selecting the payslip option.

The salary slips for employees

The salary slips provide all information related to the month’s salary details that include the allowances and pay cuts that have occurred. This also provides the user and the employees with proper information on the time off, attendance and the sick leaves taken by each employee during the particular month.

The user could view the payslip from the work entry menu of the specific month. Whereas for the employees it gets depicted in their dashboard or gets mailed them through email.

The payslip records are the important source of the report that helps the user to verify them in future instances. In the case of employees, there may be instances when they apply for personal loans or mortgages where they should provide proof of their salary, then this payslip could come in handy.

You can select the respective employee from the work entry of the month and the menu. All information related to the month’s work and the reference numbers are provided. The user could view the worked days as well as the inputs menu to view the attendance of the particular employee for the respective month.

By selecting the salary computation menu, the user views all the allocation of the total salary to the employee. This provides the user with clear cut information on allowances, salary structure and tax information.

The payroll in Odoo helps the user to manage the salaries, generate payslip, compute them based on parameters, and allow the records to get documented and reported on.

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    How to Managing Budgets for Odoo 14 Accounting Software

    Managing the budget is an essential part of running a business. Budgets make people intentional the way money is spent as well as organize and prioritize for work to meet financial goals.

    You can plan the desired financial outcome as well as measure your actual performance against the plan. Odoo has budgets with Analytic and General Accounts.

    We have to install relevant apps to use budgeting. The main module is the accounting app. Find the app module to install the Finance and Accounting app. You have to configure as well. Choose the Accounting module with Configuration and go to Settings to enable the Budget management feature.

    The Budgetary Positions

    The Budgetary position has the lists of accounts to keep your budgets like expense or income accounts. They have to be defined so Odoo would know which account needs the budget information.

    Budgetary positions act as a type of restriction to be recorded in the ‘practical amount’ column in a budget.

    Every budgetary position must have the number of accounts from the general ledger assigned. The Analytical account of Odoo needs to know the expenses or costs relevant to a specified budget.

    We have to link our expenses and invoices to a defined analytical account. We have to create an analytical account while entering the Accounting module click menu. The Analytic Accounts must be kept under Configuration, then create a new account by setting a budget.

    We can then set our targets for a budget. If we expect to gain 1000 with this project, we can not spend more than 700. For setting targets, enter the accounting app with Accounting and click Budgets to create a new Budget.

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      How to Generate Payslip in Odoo

      What does ODOO mean?

      ODOO is a business administration software, that is used to direct the fundamentals of a management, such as finance management, material management, human resources, manufacturing, billing, management of projects and also several necessaries. Most of the companies are using ODOO because it provides a clear sight of your business.

      Payslip generation is one of the actions easily achieved by ODOO. Let’s look into this in detail.

      Generating Payslip in ODOO

      Payslip is created naturally in ODOO. Initially, you have to add the employee details like salary structure, the contract that the employee is working in, payroll and employee module, then the payslip will be automatically generated.
      Each employee has their own contract. So the foremost thing is to build the contract of an employee. Then look over for the active contracts. Active contracts of an employee define the working plan, time span of your work, basic salary and also other essential requirements.

      Firstly, for generating payslip of an employee, you have to construct two basic things,

      • Contract of the employee
      • Salary structure

      Employees can have one contract or more than one contract, generally decided by the management. The salary structure consists of a group of things that includes many salary rules. Based on these rules salary computation should be made. All these configurations are made under the payroll settings.

      Contract creation in ODOO

      Making a contract is the prime thing a company should do when assigning an employee. These configurations are made under the employee module. The employee module includes,

      • Contract type
      • Monthly payments
      • Contract name
      • Name of the employee

      Working plan, salary structure, basic pay, time plan and payment schedule are subject to contract type. Salary journal is the compulsory field in the payslip which contains the accounting details. Once the contract form is filled press the status button to make it done.

      Salary structure in ODOO

      For calculating the payslip of an employee salary structure should be made by the organisation. This determines the payment of an employee. Salary structure usually consists of a set of rules and we can also make some additional rules for certain employees.

      Salary rule in ODOO

      Based on the salary rule, computation of the payment should be made. These rules are formed using the employees monthly wage, start and ending day of the contract, basic allowance and deduction, scheduled pay, gross and net salary. A unique code is shown on the payslip that is used for some future reference.

      About Payslip

      Generally, payslip is like a file that is enclosed with employee details like payment, record of earned money, insurance, taxes and so on. Employees payslip can be generated in accordance with the salary structure mentioned in the contract. The generated payslip can then be verified and transferred into PDF and need to be approved by the higher officials. Journal entries are also made by the managers during the verification of the payslip. This information later will be used for payment by the authority.

      Payslip Batches

      Under the menu of employee payslip, payslips can be created. This menu can be noted in the right window.

      To enable a batch of employee payslip, choose the menu payslip batches.

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      Importance Of Odoo HR Management System for Government & Private Sectors in Oman

      Let us observe how Odoo develops the working horizon of Human Resource Management. You could simply handle your workers:

      Using Odoo ERP, you can simply scan and assemble the main points through several organisational departments. This set privileges over the knowledge distribution among HR professionals and the general public. The HR Management (HRMS) in Odoo takes care of minute features of human relations. Pop-up notification for brand new requests for appraisal software making inner communication the environmental friendly, clear, and allocation

      The Monitoring Time & Attendance

      Odoo traces info about employee details specifically in the working hours. Odoo is simple to type the knowledge based on shopper, mission, duties and titles. You can enter statistics to file as well as analyze timesheets and verify every worker’s attendance. The integrated accounting could automatically post reviews for time spent on real-time information and task offering.

      Leave Management

      Odoo is easy for the duty of go away software. When the worker completes the request software, Managers get enabled with the choice of viewing them and determine to refuse or approve the day without work requests. If the superior approves the request, a timed notification is distributed to the worker and their calendar gets robotically up to date.

      Streamline the expense administration

      The employees of Odoo can submit their expense details. Managers can verify all particulars of the bill and approve or reject it in a single window. After they get accredited, expenses get up to date in the Odoo Accounting.

      The Employee’s Evaluation

      Odoo upholds the motivational process in a company by performing common evaluations of your employee’s efficiency. This makes well-timed access to human resources by bringing advantages among each enterprise and employees.

      The Recruitment

      The implementation of Odoo in Human Resource makes the job posting not a tedious process. This allows job postings in a few clicks and retains monitoring of submitted applications. Odoo could simply supervise and handle your applicant pipeline.

      Explore the options of Odoo HR Management

      To Manage

      The employee profile creation

      Collect all pertinent details about the worker in one place.

      The Contract management

      Observe your workers job titles, standing, contract dates and schedules.

      The Timesheet Management

      The weekly and monthly timesheets are created with the observation of time spent by your staff on specific tasks assigned.

      The Attendance Monitoring

      Observation of workers attendance, the HR managers report workers daily and monthly attendance with menu entry and state.

      The Leave Administration

      Managing holidays, sick days and authorized leaves.

      Get Dashboards

      Get the dashboard per supervisor.

      The Enterprise Social Network:

      Follow up the workers and paperwork, be part of the dialogue teams, share records data and chat in the actual time.

      The Gamification:

      Designing objectives, challenges, and rewards with targets as well drive engagement and reward the workers efficiency.

      The Integrations
      The Recruitment
      Managing your Recruitment

      Manage your job applications and vacancies

      • Make candidates into staff with only one click.
      • Tracking job offers- Observe which channel drives most applications and collect them in Odoo.
      • Customization of the recruitment process – Create the personal hiring methods to define your phases and interviewers.
      • Simple software administration- Observe candidates, index resumes and search profiles.
      • The Integrated Surveys- Defining your personal offline and online surveys.
      • Full built-in with Odoo Apps.
      The Expenses:
      • Ease to handle employee expenses and bills.
      • Saves time on the expense reviews: Everything falls in a single place.
      • Stop the use of dropping receipts: Uploading all receipts to the expense file.
      • Sharing the workload between departments: Avoid wasting the time.
      • The Full built-in with Odoo Apps.
      The Appraisals:
      • Setting up periodical worker analysis: You can strengthen your organization’s key asset of workers.
      • Building the proper appraisal.
      • Designing your survey: Use templates to create all of them.
      • The complete built-in with Odoo Apps.

      The Odoo HR all of your HR processes could turn simpler. The odoo HRMS is the most superior system for all enterprise types.

      We offer Odoo service throughout the nations for varied sorts of industries. We will make it for you if you’re in search of an Odoo ERP implementation service or single module.

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        The Odoo Open Source ERP School Management

        It would be a mess to manage a school, college, university or any other educational institution, if you don’t have a proper education management system or technical support as a good database to store information, starring the concerns, doing accounting and so on.

        Technical back support would be an inevitable entity in the administration of any educational institutions. The open-source enterprise resource planning would not make the administration task easier, it would save the resources like money and time for yielding good results and better production.

        Paper works get piled up and are taken into consideration by the Open Source ERP. This comes as an integrated package to multitask different activities like management of Students, Employees, Books, Library records, Assignments, Parent details, Admission Process, Exams, Results and Reports, Attendance, Events, Timetable, Transports, Fees to other miscellaneous reports.

        Unearthing features of using this ERP would save our natural resources. The computer-generated records supplements the use of paper derived from trees, the natural resource gives better air quality in return. The one point access meditates to manage a wide set of activities efficiently.

        The Odoo Open ERP Education Management System has a better user interface, attributes, features and provides a core function to manage the administrative activities of an educational institution in the workplace.

        Odoo open source ERP School Management module would help schools and colleges to manage their daily activities.

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          How do Accounting Firms Run with Odoo

          Are you an accountant looking for an incredible tool to help you handle your daily business in a modern and intuitive software? During this talk, you will learn how Odoo can be used by an accounting firm to manage their different customers, completely paperless, and offering them added value to their services.

          Over the past year, Odoo has put a lot of effort into making Odoo Accounting an indispensable tool for accountants. A whole new bunch of features will be available in Odoo 13 thanks to a collaboration with different accounting firms.

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            Online & Offline Point of Sales Billing Software for your Business in Muscat – Oman

            Manage your shop and restaurant with intuitive and user-friendly software. Keep an eye on stocks with automatic inventory adjustments and automate your resupply process, thanks to Odoo’s integrations. Turn people into loyal customers via discounts, loyalty programs, and dozens of other unique features, all gathered in one app: Odoo Point of Sale.

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              The Odoo ERP Software Review 2021 – Muscat – Oman

              The comprehensive open-source enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is Odoo. It is made up of an integrated suite of business modules, that has e-commerce, customer relationship management (CRM), accounting, billing, project management, inventory management, warehouse management, manufacturing, financial management and purchasing. These aim to seamlessly and efficiently communicate with each other to exchange information.

              Odoo has 30 main modules that are regularly updated. More than 16,000 plugins or third-party apps are available in its app store. Due to the modular system, customers start with a subset of tools and add modules as needed.

              Previously known as OpenERP, the Odoo is available on-premise or cloud that can be used by businesses of all sizes. Due to its open-source, Odoo software seems highly customizable. The developers could access the code and modify it to make changes in the module based on the organization’s requirements. Odoo could integrate with other systems like external shipping systems and payment processes like eBay, Amazon, UPS, FedEx and QuickBooks.

              The Features

              Odoo has an open-source solution with modules or features that can be modified at the code level to meet the specific demands of a user. It has tools that address Point of Sale, Sales Invoicing, Email Marketing, Subscriptions Management and so on. The modules represent the ERP’s functionality and are available with the Odoo version:

              Use of E-commerce

              Using the integrated e-commerce platform, sales and inventory are easily maintained through automatic stock adjustments and reporting. The dedicated customer portals would keep customer data organized with order tracking and claims. This allows customers to download invoices, delivery orders, and view pending shipments from a single location.

              The CRM

              The Odoo offers an intuitive user interface designed for dashboard and sales that renders a broad overview of the sales activities. This supplies best practises and useful tips to enable customers to configure and deploy their CRM. The Odoo’s mobile user interface accommodates members of the distributed sales team without an internet connection.

              The Inventory

              Odoo has a unique double-entry inventory management to allow full tracking of products and materials from the supplier to the customer. Customers pack and deliver orders with or without barcode scanners. The Odoo prepares delivery orders for customers based on availability.

              The Manufacturing

              Companies use Odoo to manage the assembly and manufacturing operations. Odoo triggers the quality checks for the manufacturing department.

              The Accounting

              The Odoo can automate an entire invoicing process, which enables customers to save time on data entry. The users get instant access to all accounting features on their mobile devices. Companies can automatically track assets with few clicks along with depreciation boards, amortization entries as well as manage all events associated with assets.

              The Employees

              The Odoo employee module would gather in one database all the information related to the employees, job title, record each employee’s status, contract type, dates and schedules. Customers would create weekly, monthly timesheets and travel the duration of time spent by employees per project.

              Integration or Implementation

              The deployment of Odoo is achieved in three different ways:

              Customers would implement the software themselves. Customers implement the software with Odoo’s help by purchasing Success Packs, which is recommended for companies with less than 50 users.

              Customers could implement with the help of Odoo partners, which is recommended for organisations of more than 50 users.

              The success packs have a package of premium services overseen by the consultant. In the implementation phase, customers will be assigned an Odoo project manager to analyze the requirements and configure the Odoo apps based on their needs.

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                Inventory and Warehouse Management Software for your Business in Muscat – Oman

                Manage your warehouse and locations with intuitive and user-friendly software. Keep an eye on stocks with automatic inventory adjustments and automate your processes, thanks to Odoo’s integrations. From packing items to multi-warehouse management, Odoo Inventory makes your life easier.

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