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Enhance Business with Odoo ERP Development in Muscat - Oman

Enhance Business with Odoo ERP Development in Muscat – Oman

Odoo stands for an open-source ERP software that gives an affordable solution with practical features to address most of the operational requirements. It follows an organized development methodology and customized solutions to meet business requirements.

Odoo for the business enhancement

The benefits of Open Source ERP are:

Less cost

The budget constraints lead the large organisations to look for a cost-effective software resolution. Industry continues to get specialized and sophisticated professionals and managers, a custom software permits IT, control the operating expenditures by avoiding pricey purchases of functionalities and features irrelevant to the business model.

The Customization

The open-source applicants would offer customization possibilities to the business. The customizing software saves time and money, to begin with, a basic stage and builds a complete suit over it.

Independent and Linked

The open-source software gives the organization the ability to retain third-party applications for specific operational functions such as shipping. It is proficient to faultlessly connect with other stand-alone software platforms for connectivity and complete system visibility.

The Agile Methodology

The organisations who use the agile methodology have the advantage of using the open-source program. It would be adapted or changed to match the present step of the project development. An open-source can be equally agile as the methodology.

The Easy Change Management

Changing the process of enforcement is easily handled by the open-source software. Because the application would be modified and permits for the higher ability to implement alterations without creating any hurdles in an overall business operation.

Improvising the Security

Issues and bugs are quickly recognized and rectified faster with an open-source software due to multiple contact points. People have access to watch the developments and ensure the system operates unbroken.


Using odoo solutions for business could connect any application to the use.

IT Sourcing

Organisations can select the outsourced IT team or have the individual IT team based on open-source implementations. It gives complete capability to sustain control over the detailed aspects of IT.

Stability and Sustainability

The precise implementation of open source ERP gives sustainability, stability and greater throughput in the affected programs by delivering better outcomes with less costs.

Efficient Process

The open-source needs a closer look at existing business operations after the implementation leading to efficiency.

The company has visibility and greater regulation of all facets when looked in detail. This turns out to be well-organized too.

Odoo is an affordable open source ERP designed for small businesses. Customized Odoo Solutions for business are developed by politics for several industries. The consultants and team developers understand the client’s business problem and suggest suitable solutions.

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    Handle An Advanced Event Ticketing System With Customized Odoo ERP Software

    How you can use Odoo to handle an advanced ticketing system?
    For a tourist attraction in Switzerland, we needed to offer customers a way to buy tickets online or at the front desk and souvenirs in a physical shop. As the visits are guided and begin with a short train trip, we also had to handle the reservation of guides and drivers. Odoo, with its Events, Point of Sale, eCommerce, and Planning apps, was the solution. During this talk, you will discover

    • The main aspects of this implementation, with enhancements to the Point of Sale app and the handling of Events,
    • How you can use the Events app in the context of ticketing, and our lessons learned.

    This session is a functional one and open to a large audience.

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      The Public Sector- Government collaborates and implements the ERP solution in Oman

      A good governance could expect the Governments and their associated bodies to be transparent, accountable, effective, participatory, efficient and consensus-oriented.

      The citizens’ expectations from governance keeps on growing. Governments leverage the power of Information & Communication and Technology (ICT) as a business transformation tool to efficiently manage all kinds of resources, give high-quality services on time and deliver accurate as well professionally managed decisions across the associated organizational machinery.

      Being a public sector organization you must contend with various operational factors like operating the fiscal accountability, maintaining the assets, delivering service reliability, the infrastructure and optimizing your workforce. 

      You need business systems that are simple and straightforward to meet challenges also to contribute efficiency by streamlining operations for cost-cutting.

      Growth of banking and financial services are ensured with operational efficiency and scale of operations. We have areas like business process outsourcing, operations consulting, management, and application development to drive better results for helping the bank to get enhanced revenues.

      Suite has a range of products to effectively transform your IT infrastructure into a more flexible business process platform to meet your citizen’s expectations, transparency, improve service delivery, cut operational expenditures, implement policies and move towards large scale technology transformation.

      ERP comprises the full spectrum of Governance processes including Debt Management, Financial Management, Budgeting Planning & Execution, HR Management, Project Management & Accounting, Payroll Management, Procurement, Citizen Services, VAT Accounting and Analytics.

      The ERP for Public Service Industries addresses the needs and modern challenges faced by Government entities.

      ERP for Public Service Industries knows the challenges of government offices and agencies that offer insights to improve your accounting systems and address issues like:

      • The information tracked in multiple databases or offline files that need redundant data entry.
      • Challenges reported on multiple bases and automated CAFR reporting.
      • The organization has outgrown a legacy system with limited reporting functionality.
      • Procure, Budget and manage your costs efficiently.
      • Lacking the tools to control spending by pre-encumbering funds at the time of requisition and purchase.

      Atther Global IT Solutions can help you in ERP solution & Implementation for Government / Public sectors in Oman

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        Human Resource Management in Odoo ERP Implementation in Oman

        Human resource management (HRM) is the strategic approach for effectively managing the people of an organization. It helps businesses to gain a competitive advantage. The HR management in odoo would manage all your human resource operations.

        Businesses use Human Resources Software for combining various HR functions like payrolls and benefits, storing employee data, recruitment processes, employee relations, record keeping and benefits administration. This ensures Human resource processes are easy to assess and manageable.

        The human resource module in Odoo efficiently manages time, employee details, attendance, leaves, salary, recruitment, expenses and employee evaluation. The company’s effectiveness depends on their employee’s good work. The open ERP’s Human Resource modules manages the important aspects of staff works like contracts, skills and working time.

        The HRM of an organization starts with the recruitment of an employee. You can manage the hiring process and organize the vacancies of job applications in odoo using the recruitment module. Customize your recruitment process to create your hiring strategies and define interviewers and stages. The odoo hr management handles the human resource department.

        The Odoo HR management builds maximum flexibility to manage your company. You can install modules based on your company needs. The module copes up with every scenario of your employee management.

        Recruiting process

        Manage the hiring process and organize your vacancies for job applications.

        Employee details

        Get all information about the employee in one place.


        Manage legal leaves, holidays and sick days.


        Defining the offline and online surveys. Strengthen the company’s key asset and set up the periodical employee evaluation.


        Manage employee expenses and save time on expense reports.


        Track your employee attendance. The HR managers can report the employees daily or monthly attendance with the state and menu entry.


        Create monthly and weekly timesheets to track the time spent by your employees on projects assigned.


        You can set up salary rules to compute data like taxes, allowances, net and contribution registers. They are connected to initiate specific modules. Every feature is appropriately integrated. Few modules cope with the HR management of Odoo.

        Recruitment module of Odoo HRM

        Odoo has a recruitment module to help companies hire employees. You have to create and edit the tags, stages, job positions, degrees, departments of jobs and source of applicants by the create and edit button of every screen. Use the save button to save the details.

        The Application menu allows to track the individual applications of positions. Go to the specific position to check applications on every stage. Switch to list view or calendar view to analyze and create a new application. Modify the applications that directly come from the website. You can give stars to the applicants, view the documents, remind you of the date of follow up, proposed salary, expected salary, set up meetings, applicants availability and goes to the later stage of the contract proposal. Odoo is flexible and provides a smooth flow of work.

        The details of the applicants

        You can view the resumes and letters of the applicants by clicking letters and resumes. Click reports to get an analysis of the recruitment process.

        Option to get reports

        Stages define recruitment stages like a first interview and second interview.

        Stages of recruitment

        Tags are the keywords providing context to job postings. Degrees are defined in the area that are assigned to applications. Job positions are defined for a specific department.

        Defining Job positions in Odoo HRM

        The source of applicants are tracked and defined like the company website and Facebook. The departments have a total forecaster employee count as well expected employee count of recruitment. The HR manager can launch recruitment for any position.

        Hire employees

        On hiring the employees, you can manage the information of employees in the employee’s module. You can publish employee public information on your website to make your team known to the visitors. Adding contract type and tags makes you remember the role and character of each employee.

        You can see the company’s employees and details on the employees module. Click the Create button in the employees screen to create an employee.

        Employee module of Odoo

        Add employees name, job position, work address and department on the screen. You have to click the save button for saving the new employee into the system.

        The track of employees

        Specify the salary structure as well as the basic wage of the employee in the salary information tab.

        Salary structure

        Working schedule, duration and scheduled pay can be specified in the information tab. Department menu shows the list of department wise employees.

        Department wise employees

        Contract types and employee tags makes you remember the character and role of each employee.


        The leave module manages the leave of all employees.

        Leave module of odoo hr management

        You can see the leave details of employees on the screen based on the day, week and month.

        Leave Summary

        Leave summary displays employees summary of leaves. Each employee can see the leave for themselves, but HR managers see the overview of all leave types from employees. Request for a leave on the Leaves Request under the menu of ‘My Leaves’.

        The Leave Request

        Leave requests cannot be done without approved allocations of sufficient days remaining.

        The Leave allocations requests

        Create the new allocation request using the Create button. The allocation request has allocation details, type of leave for allocation and days allocated. You can create a new allocation request and save them. The HR managers will approve allocation requests.

        Uses of Survey

        Surveys are used in modules for collecting user feedback. This improves your product or services, gathers basic employee information, sends forms to get answers to your questions. It forms as part of the job position as positions are assigned to applications. The application would instruct which survey to take.

        Inside the survey, you can define different stages to organize your work. Click the Create button to create surveys based on your needs.

        Create surveys

        Define title for the survey, create pages with questions, choose set error message, type, set mandatory or optional answer allowed by clicking add the item. Create a survey and do the following steps.

        Design the survey- this will be taken to the website.
        Testing the survey- this will test how it looks.
        Sharing the survey- you can share the survey form with anyone outside of the organizations.
        Collection of data and statistics from the survey- check answers and status of how people react to surveys to make decisions.

        You can see the survey answers under the Answers menu. Questions, Pages, Labels and User Input Lines with survey questions, survey pages, details of the survey and the survey question labels.


        Expense is a part for end-users to submit expenses. The superiors can then approve or refuse. Accounting would create expense reports to repay the employee. Create a new expense for your business, or create a new expense account for accounting.

        Create the new expense account

        Click the Create button to get the following screen.

        View of the expense screen

        Create the expense description and click on the Save button.

        In the Expense module, you can view the refused reports and expense reports. Also, you can see the expense reports to approve, post and pay.


        Staff has to check-in when they arrive at work and check out again when they leave. When each employee is linked to a system user, they can check-in by clicking on the icon.

        With the use of Odoo Attendances, an employee can easily check-in and check-out with a simple interface, with only one click to check-in and one click to check-out. These data can be recorded in the system. You can view in ‘Attendances’ under the ‘Manage Attendances’ menu.

        View the Attendance on Odoo HR Management

        When an employee forgets to check out on leaving, the system proposes they manually check out and type in the time that they left, when they come again the next day. This manages forgotten check-outs. Under the Manage Attendances, you can access the employee’s overview page.

        You have to select one employee from the employees list and click on the Attendance. You can view the attendance details of the employee from which you can edit.

        Choose the employee to edit attendance. You have to click the edit option of the employee in attendance. After setting the details click the save button.

        Use the Kiosk Mode to enable manual attendance logging and select the employee. You have to add a unique pin to create the employee form. Employees need this pin code to check in the Kiosk mode. It enables privacy and misuse of loggings.

        For knowing the unique pin of an employee, you have to select the employee from the ‘Employees’ session under the manage attendances menu. View the unique pin of an employee from the manage attendances menu of odoo hrm.

        Select the HR Settings and you can see the PIN.


        Choose the Kiosk Mode to select the employee by clicking the button Select Employee.

        The Kiosk Mode selection

        When you click the button you can view the employees list. Choose one employee from the list of employees. You can see the screen to enter the pin. Now enter the employee pin and click Ok.

        Screen to enter the pin

        When you enter the pin you will get the screen.

        Timesheet entries

        Employees make the timesheet entry each day. At the defined period, employees would validate their sheet and the manager approves his team’s entries. Create a new timesheet by clicking the create button. Once filling the fields you have to click the save button. You can view ‘all time-sheets under the ‘time-sheet menu’. You can now see the timesheet reporting under the Reporting menu. You can track revenues and costs under the reporting menu.


        You can create payslips and the monthly payroll register using the payroll module. Once generating and confirming the payslip, you can create a journal entry on Accounts. The Odoo Payroll system gets integrated with the Accounting module.

        The Contribution Registers

        This register contains to whom the company or the employee has to pay taxes

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          The Odoo Open Source ERP School Management

          It would be a mess to manage a school, college, university or any other educational institution, if you don’t have a proper education management system or technical support as a good database to store information, starring the concerns, doing accounting and so on.

          Technical back support would be an inevitable entity in the administration of any educational institutions. The open-source enterprise resource planning would not make the administration task easier, it would save the resources like money and time for yielding good results and better production.

          Paper works get piled up and are taken into consideration by the Open Source ERP. This comes as an integrated package to multitask different activities like management of Students, Employees, Books, Library records, Assignments, Parent details, Admission Process, Exams, Results and Reports, Attendance, Events, Timetable, Transports, Fees to other miscellaneous reports.

          Unearthing features of using this ERP would save our natural resources. The computer-generated records supplements the use of paper derived from trees, the natural resource gives better air quality in return. The one point access meditates to manage a wide set of activities efficiently.

          The Odoo Open ERP Education Management System has a better user interface, attributes, features and provides a core function to manage the administrative activities of an educational institution in the workplace.

          Odoo open source ERP School Management module would help schools and colleges to manage their daily activities.

          Tags: School Management ERP, College Management ERP, University Management ERP

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            The Odoo ERP Software Review 2021 – Muscat – Oman

            The comprehensive open-source enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is Odoo. It is made up of an integrated suite of business modules, that has e-commerce, customer relationship management (CRM), accounting, billing, project management, inventory management, warehouse management, manufacturing, financial management and purchasing. These aim to seamlessly and efficiently communicate with each other to exchange information.

            Odoo has 30 main modules that are regularly updated. More than 16,000 plugins or third-party apps are available in its app store. Due to the modular system, customers start with a subset of tools and add modules as needed.

            Previously known as OpenERP, the Odoo is available on-premise or cloud that can be used by businesses of all sizes. Due to its open-source, Odoo software seems highly customizable. The developers could access the code and modify it to make changes in the module based on the organization’s requirements. Odoo could integrate with other systems like external shipping systems and payment processes like eBay, Amazon, UPS, FedEx and QuickBooks.

            The Features

            Odoo has an open-source solution with modules or features that can be modified at the code level to meet the specific demands of a user. It has tools that address Point of Sale, Sales Invoicing, Email Marketing, Subscriptions Management and so on. The modules represent the ERP’s functionality and are available with the Odoo version:

            Use of E-commerce

            Using the integrated e-commerce platform, sales and inventory are easily maintained through automatic stock adjustments and reporting. The dedicated customer portals would keep customer data organized with order tracking and claims. This allows customers to download invoices, delivery orders, and view pending shipments from a single location.

            The CRM

            The Odoo offers an intuitive user interface designed for dashboard and sales that renders a broad overview of the sales activities. This supplies best practises and useful tips to enable customers to configure and deploy their CRM. The Odoo’s mobile user interface accommodates members of the distributed sales team without an internet connection.

            The Inventory

            Odoo has a unique double-entry inventory management to allow full tracking of products and materials from the supplier to the customer. Customers pack and deliver orders with or without barcode scanners. The Odoo prepares delivery orders for customers based on availability.

            The Manufacturing

            Companies use Odoo to manage the assembly and manufacturing operations. Odoo triggers the quality checks for the manufacturing department.

            The Accounting

            The Odoo can automate an entire invoicing process, which enables customers to save time on data entry. The users get instant access to all accounting features on their mobile devices. Companies can automatically track assets with few clicks along with depreciation boards, amortization entries as well as manage all events associated with assets.

            The Employees

            The Odoo employee module would gather in one database all the information related to the employees, job title, record each employee’s status, contract type, dates and schedules. Customers would create weekly, monthly timesheets and travel the duration of time spent by employees per project.

            Integration or Implementation

            The deployment of Odoo is achieved in three different ways:

            Customers would implement the software themselves. Customers implement the software with Odoo’s help by purchasing Success Packs, which is recommended for companies with less than 50 users.

            Customers could implement with the help of Odoo partners, which is recommended for organisations of more than 50 users.

            The success packs have a package of premium services overseen by the consultant. In the implementation phase, customers will be assigned an Odoo project manager to analyze the requirements and configure the Odoo apps based on their needs.

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              How Real is a Cloud Based ERP

              Today the Enterprise Resource Planning or the ERP software is a prerequisite to every business. The possibility of cloud storages and servers paved way for the innovation of cloud based ERP packages. But, is cloud based ERP a reality in the true sense? On observing further, not all ERPs which proclaim to be cloud based are truly cloud oriented programs. The basic advantage as proclaimed for using a cloud based ERP is the mobility in your business functionality, thus removing the need for company maintained computing and storage devices. The software computing and storage is in Cloud which frees a business for using a standard, stationary device for accessing the data. In short, if an ERP system is dependent on a certain device, it cannot be called a cloud ERP.

              Is SaaS Synonymous to Cloud Implementation?

              SaaS or Software-as-a-Service solutions are used interchangeably to mean cloud deployment. Upon observing closely, the SaaS solutions are deployed by the host but need not necessarily be cloud based solutions. Also, accessing the service via different smart devices or mobile devices becomes difficult at times. Sometimes, the applications require tweaking to suit your data access needs before it can be accessed via the mobile devices used in your business. That does not mean there are no true cloud-based solutions. Any ERP solution which works across the platform and devices can be called a cloud based ERP. On the other hand, SaaS ERPs are useful for a small business even if the mobile access is not possible immediately. This move has helped the small businesses move away from the proprietary ERP solutions.

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                Importance of ERP Software for your Business in Muscat – Oman

                Technologies are refining at express stages these days for planning various types of works in an efficient manner. An enterprise software planning software which is shortly known as ERP is a appropriate one for a minor or large business enterprises to gain major benefits. It plays a significant role in maintaining the smooth flow of data to achieve goals. This product provides methods for planning your operation, product development, manufacturing process, sales and marketing to run a successful organization. Another advantage is that you can able to reduce costs and solve complex issues with this software.

                Some of the common ERP modules include inventory control, material purchasing, accounting, finance and HR to obtain optimum results. Installing ERP software may result in various benefits for your organization to maximize rate of investments. Moreover, you can focus on improving the productivity and operational efficiency levels of your employees by providing immediate access about the enterprise. It is possible to integrate and optimize your business process with this product by meeting exact requirements. If you are having a distribution center, then ERP is the best one for carrying out a wide range of activities to experience better results.

                Web based technologies in ERP software support for changing industry requirements to witness major changes. Moreover, you can focus on reaching your objectives by assigning work force in proper methods. Enterprise resource planning software helps for retaining your top performers in your organization by defining the career and development plans. In addition, you can also forecast the future markets with this product to generate more profits and revenues. With ERP, you can able to update the details easily for reaching next levels in an organization. You can develop retention with customers by using the tools.

                ERP solutions are the backbone of an organization to establish your business in the markets. However, it is a necessary one to find the packages that fulfill your expectations to reach objectives ultimately. This will be helpful for improving the quality of your business to a wider extent. There are many sources which are available for gathering information about the products where you can choose the right one depending on the needs. You have to work with a company that clearly understands your business for minimizing mistakes. ERP software is a perfect one for managing your projects to make decisions at critical levels during the development which ensures progress levels in various departments.

                Tags: Odoo, ERP Muscat, ERP, ERP Oman, ERP Implementation, ERP Customization, ERP Company, ERP Solutions

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                  ERP Solution for Manufacturing Industry in Muscat – Oman

                  Manufacturing industry needs to deal with numerous issues relating to the industry for the successful running of the business in this dynamically changing environment. In the process of manufacturing, various strategies are used by various firms for achieving their desired goals which includes forming production and design teams, assurance of quality product, reducing order and delivery time, inventory management and research and development program.

                  For the successful implementation of the above strategies, web-based resource ERP system is required which help companies to save a large amount of cost in the manufacturing and service sectors. ERP (Enterprise Resource planning system) offers support for multi- mode manufacturers. ERP system is also termed as packaged business software system which helps a business to share all the general data of the business process across the enterprise. In this fast growing business environment, it is essential for every business enterprise to stand in this competitive world for the long run which can be possible only with the help of ERP. ERP system is a critical link between among all functional area of manufacturing enterprise and between the enterprises. It simplifies all the business strategies with a software module which includes financial accounting, budgeting, cost management, workflow management, and quality control, bill of materials, recruiting and training. With the help of ERP system, managers and top officials of the enterprise can take timely information to make necessary decisions for the betterment of the firm and also for the accomplishment of organizational goals. Web- based resource ERP system minimize the manufacturing cost of the business with the optimum utilization of the resources.

                  Generally, in a short span of time the impact of the ERP system can be felt on the productivity of the business enterprise. It helps in the improvement of customer relationship with the organization as it provides call center facility as well as it improves the customer services. It is a vital tool of the organization as it integrates varied organizational systems and enables continuous transactions and production. ERP is primarily a support system of top level management which facilitates them to make faster decisions which save time as well as expense. ERP manages the books of account of the company. It helps to control inventories, sales forecasting, continues supply of goods and production planning.It makes a company more flexible and improves the quality of a business by smooth running of the internal business cycle in the organization.

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                    Benefits of Supply Chain Management Software – Muscat

                    An effective supply chain management system is of key importance in any business. This improves business aspects thereby improving customer satisfaction. It enhances cost minimization and efficiency. The following article helps you know more about the key aspects of business.

                    What is an SCM system?

                    SCM or supply chain management system helps in operating the interconnected businesses to provide the customers with products and services and it helps business owners in proper planning, implementing, designing and monitoring all the activities, which will lead to improvement in performance of the business. Implementation by supply chain management systems usually takes time and money. Many businesses invest on these systems for potential benefits.

                    What are the benefits of SCM system?

                    Effective cost management is the prime benefit of using an SCM system. It helps in lowering the raw material cost thereby helping you to plan efficiently for the materials that need to be brought to the company at the lowest possible price ensuring they are in exact amount. An improved relationship with the suppliers can help in claiming discounts on materials.

                    Latest softwares proves helpful in tracking the suppliers and distributors by which the exact location of raw materials and finished products can be monitored. The advanced systems produce reports on chain between supplier and distributor as this sort of monitoring will help in analyzing the areas that need improvement.

                    What is a Cycle Time?

                    A cycle time is the time taken by the business to make a product from raw materials, then giving it to the distributors to sell, and make money to buy new raw product. This cycle begins with the purchase of new raw materials and if the supply of raw materials takes too long then production may need to stop, which indirectly slow down the operations and revenues.

                    Easily manage suppliers & purchase orders

                    Automate your purchasing workflow

                    Automate your purchasing workflow

                    Supplier price lists & product availability

                    Supplier price lists & product availability

                    Get the best offer with purchase tenders

                    Get the best offer with purchase tenders

                    Get statistics on your purchases

                    Get statistics on your purchases

                    The benefit of having an effective SCM system is to get a smooth and effective cycle time ensuring timely supply of raw materials for leading an efficient and continuos production in business.

                    Improve your supply chain & inventory performance with Odoo ERP solution & customization offered by Atheer Global Solutions.

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