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The Odoo ERP Software Review 2021 – Muscat – Oman

The comprehensive open-source enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is Odoo. It is made up of an integrated suite of business modules, that has e-commerce, customer relationship management (CRM), accounting, billing, project management, inventory management, warehouse management, manufacturing, financial management and purchasing. These aim to seamlessly and efficiently communicate with each other to exchange information.

Odoo has 30 main modules that are regularly updated. More than 16,000 plugins or third-party apps are available in its app store. Due to the modular system, customers start with a subset of tools and add modules as needed.

Previously known as OpenERP, the Odoo is available on-premise or cloud that can be used by businesses of all sizes. Due to its open-source, Odoo software seems highly customizable. The developers could access the code and modify it to make changes in the module based on the organization’s requirements. Odoo could integrate with other systems like external shipping systems and payment processes like eBay, Amazon, UPS, FedEx and QuickBooks.

The Features

Odoo has an open-source solution with modules or features that can be modified at the code level to meet the specific demands of a user. It has tools that address Point of Sale, Sales Invoicing, Email Marketing, Subscriptions Management and so on. The modules represent the ERP’s functionality and are available with the Odoo version:

Use of E-commerce

Using the integrated e-commerce platform, sales and inventory are easily maintained through automatic stock adjustments and reporting. The dedicated customer portals would keep customer data organized with order tracking and claims. This allows customers to download invoices, delivery orders, and view pending shipments from a single location.


The Odoo offers an intuitive user interface designed for dashboard and sales that renders a broad overview of the sales activities. This supplies best practises and useful tips to enable customers to configure and deploy their CRM. The Odoo’s mobile user interface accommodates members of the distributed sales team without an internet connection.

The Inventory

Odoo has a unique double-entry inventory management to allow full tracking of products and materials from the supplier to the customer. Customers pack and deliver orders with or without barcode scanners. The Odoo prepares delivery orders for customers based on availability.

The Manufacturing

Companies use Odoo to manage the assembly and manufacturing operations. Odoo triggers the quality checks for the manufacturing department.

The Accounting

The Odoo can automate an entire invoicing process, which enables customers to save time on data entry. The users get instant access to all accounting features on their mobile devices. Companies can automatically track assets with few clicks along with depreciation boards, amortization entries as well as manage all events associated with assets.

The Employees

The Odoo employee module would gather in one database all the information related to the employees, job title, record each employee’s status, contract type, dates and schedules. Customers would create weekly, monthly timesheets and travel the duration of time spent by employees per project.

Integration or Implementation

The deployment of Odoo is achieved in three different ways:

Customers would implement the software themselves. Customers implement the software with Odoo’s help by purchasing Success Packs, which is recommended for companies with less than 50 users.

Customers could implement with the help of Odoo partners, which is recommended for organisations of more than 50 users.

The success packs have a package of premium services overseen by the consultant. In the implementation phase, customers will be assigned an Odoo project manager to analyze the requirements and configure the Odoo apps based on their needs.

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