What is the difference between Odoo Customization and Configuration

There are a lot of terms that can get thrown around, when it comes to making your Odoo ERP system your own assets that include customization and configuration. Your business requirements will be collected by experts of your Odoo ERP implementation partner. Either configuration or customization of the system will be done to meet your needs.
There is a confusion with Odoo Configurations vs Odoo Customization with a lot of people many times though both are different.

There is a huge difference in Customization v/s Odoo Configuration as both work on a different model. Customization includes adding new code in either an existing module of Odoo or creating a new module through coding to meet the needs of the company. Whereas Odoo Configurations include only settings in ERP software to meet the needs of the customer. The time-frame for both varies as Customization requires time whereas configuration can be done in a few clicks.

Odoo Customization

When you customize an Odoo ERP software, you are building functionality that doesn’t currently exist anywhere in the software even through 3rd party apps. If your Odoo Partner don’t have the capabilities to achieve the customizations you are looking out for then there may be difficulties that will increase your implementation timeline and the desire outcome of a particular Odoo Module.

  • Odoo Customization requires both Odoo Technical as well as Function knowledge.
  • Odoo Custom Development needs powerful Product knowledge.
  • Customization is always unique to your company processes.
  • Custom Codings are added to meet business requirements
  • Can be costly compare to Configurations.
  • Requires Time for Planning, Coding as per Odoo Standards, development, Testing, Interlinking with other Modules.
  • Customizations may require allocation of Multiple Odoo resources such as Technical, Functional, Testers etc.

Odoo Configurations

Odoo Configurations is not as tricky compare to customizations because with Configurations you just change the existing functionality without coding. When you are configuring Odoo ERP you are actually building the workflows in a few clicks. Odoo Configuration capabilities are very important part compare to customization. The Odoo vendor must be able to understand the complete level of configurations that can be performed in Odoo. Else, with poor configuration knowledge, the vendor will end up customizing everything in Odoo which will increase the ERP implementation cost as well as timelines of the project.

  • Odoo Configuration requires a deep Odoo Knowledge and understanding of each module. Example – MRP, Sales, Human Resource Management.
  • Odoo Configuration never touches the core code of the module. Everything is handled through Odoo settings.
  • Configuration can be easily revertible if not suiting your business needs.
  • Configurations are cheaper compare to Customizations.
  • Configurations need lesser time but a thorough understanding of where the other modules will affect with a particular configuration.
  • Configuration of Odoo ERP can be handled by Functional resource – Technical resource may not be required

Why Odoo Customization Services from Atheer IT Solution ?

  • Atheer is an Official Odoo Gold partners
  • Working on Odoo ERP since 2009 – Worked on Odoo (OpenERP) 5 till Odoo 13
  • Located in the Financial Hub of India – Mumbai
  • Completed more than 100 + Complicated Projects.
  • Consist of team members including Sr. Odoo Developers, Project Leads, Testers etc
  • Odoo Customization provides you with functionality that your business require, removing all other extra features that can confuse a user.
  • With Odoo ERP Customization you can rest assure for a long term business software implementation for your business.
  • If your business is dynamic in process then Odoo Custom development is best to meet your short term and long term goals.
  • Along with Customization you can integrate your Odoo software with 3rd party software
  • Customization can reduce the duplication of entries as well as removal of unnecessary fields.

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    How does payroll management work in Oman? Do you require software for it?

    Oman is an absolute monarchy located on the Arabian Peninsula of the Persian Gulf. Having a strong sense of tourism, Oman comprises an attractive location for companies looking for a presence in the Middle East.

    When expanding to Oman it isn’t as easy as choosing an office space and getting to work. You need to hire employees, set up your Oman payroll, and give out benefits when staying compliant. If you need a partner to guide you to expand quickly, Globalization Partners would make a difference with our Oman payroll outsourcing services.

    The existing taxation rules

    The employees and employers need to worry about the tax in Oman that has the social security contributions. Employers should contribute 10.5% of wages to social security and 1% for industrial illnesses and injuries. Employees need to contribute 7% of their wages to Oman’s social security program.

    Being an employer, you’re responsible for paying corporate taxes. When you provide services in Oman for 90 days or within 12 months, you have considered a permanent establishment that pays corporate income taxes. All branches, businesses and permanent establishments need to contribute 15% of their taxable income.

    The Oman Payroll Options

    Companies have different Oman payroll options to choose from:

    Going Remote

    The parent company runs its payroll where you can add all your subsidiary’s employees. When this option could streamline the payroll, all employees require separate regulations depending on their location.

    In Internal

    When you operate in Oman for years you can set up an internal Oman payroll in your subsidiary. But you’ll need the budget to hire a full HR staff.

    The Oman payroll processing company

    When you outsource your payroll, you need to choose to work with an Oman payroll processing company. Then you would still be held compliant.

    The Globalization Partners

    When choosing Oman payroll outsourcing with Globalization Partners it takes care of your payroll and all matters of compliance.

    Why You Have to Set up Your Oman Payroll?

    The companies expanding to Oman through the traditional route need to establish a subsidiary before they choose an Oman payroll option. The subsidiary setup process ain’t the black and white, and it may take up to a few months to incorporate in the country. But when choosing Globalization Partners you can use our existing Oman subsidiary and start working in a few days. Don’t worry about your payroll, you need to focus on growing your company.

    The Entitlement and Termination Terms to Know

    When figuring out entitlement and termination terms seems difficult while expanding to a new country. This helps to outline the terms in an employment contract before hiring an employee and adds them to your compliant payroll. Oman gives probationary periods of three months as well as fixed-term contracts. The notice of termination depends on the type of contract, and employees eligible for an indemnity payment.

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      The Odoo Human Resource Management

      The Odoo Human Resource Management deals with employee management and their strategies. Odoo has features like contract management, attendances, timesheets, leaves and documents related to payroll. For generating the payslip for every employee, we must configure their contracts first.

      When an employee has an active contract, the payslips are generated. The contract has working schedules, basic pay, duration and related details. The employees could opt for more contracts to generate the payslips as the active one or the latest one would be taken.

      Odoo Payroll system can be integrated with the Accounting module. This creates a journal entry after the confirmation of the payslip. This is processed by the manager or account advisor. For integrating with the account, we must install the plugin of Payroll Accounts from the Odoo apps menu. Payslips generated are then exported as pdf, then managers could analyze the reports provided by Odoo.

      For generating a payslip for the employee, we must set up a contract with a salary structure. The salary structure would be the record of the set of rules and structures inherited or used for other contracts. Salary structure is included with one or more salary rules. This helps the actual computation when generating a payslip. The configurations are done under the payroll settings. With the use of salary structure and salary rules menu, you could create rules and structures.

      The Odoo HR Payroll Management supports the payslips generation as batches. We could include one or more employees or do category-wise batches. Mass creation of a payslip for a group of employees are achieved with this feature.

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        Why to go for Odoo Implementation Partner in Muscat Oman ?

        Choosing an ERP system like Odoo is the first step in achieving business success and to maintain today’s competitive market demand. The Odoo ERP partner would help your business to achieve success. They closely work with your team to develop a deployment plan, execute the implementation project and give long-term support after live.

        It is essential to choose the right implementation partner for a successful odoo implementation project. When you do the right configuration, certain areas are kept in consideration for successful implementation such as business process mapping, requirement analysis, and user training. The combination of these yields better results for the implementation effort. In these cases, take the help of an ERP implementation partner. The experienced Odoo ERP implementation partner would give the right direction and make the implementation of the steps worth it.

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          Ways to Manage Payroll in Odoo 13

          The employees having remuneration payments in a company must be managed and provided with utmost care. Every month’s salary calculations are provided with various parameters set by the company. It is based on the leaves, the company approved vacations and time off days.

          When the salary is due every month the company tracks work entries, duties and attendance performed by the employee for the respective month.

          The company is liable to provide employees the travel allowances and food coupons for each month.

          These allowance amounts are enclosed with salary and depicted in the payslip. It is important for the company and the employee about the payslips information since they are used to procure various bank mortgages for the employee and have a record while filing the monthly taxes.

          Odoo platform allows the user to generate payroll with allowances included in them. The platform allows users to set the rules of calculation about the salaries and parameters.

          To set the salary parameters and allowances for an employee

          The salaries for every employee in Odoo is based on several parameters set in the contract allocated to each employee. Parameters set are based on the basic pay package developed in the contract and adds allowances for each respective employee.

          Basic pay is set based on the level of employee operation within the company, considering the work nature, educational qualifications, experience and so on.

          This platform allows the user to post employees to work under contract for the company and to watch the employee being agreed upon the salary in the terms and conditions of the contract.

          For setting the salary payment parameter of an employee in the odoo payroll module of the platform, you can select the respective employee on which the payroll parameter has been set. From the employees, the window selects the contracts icon that displays the user about the employee contract information.

          By selecting the contract icon in the employee menu, the user gets directed to the window. Then select the respective contract to which the salaries are accounted.

          By selecting the respective contract the user will be redirected to the respective contract window that provides all the contact information.

          The user can now view the contract name and the company allocated to it. The user could choose the salary structure type from the structures listed in the module.

          The user could also provide the job position on which the employee is recruited for and the contract template can also be allocated.

          In the contract details section, specific details of the contract are mentioned. The working schedule of the employee is mentioned in which the employee salary would be calculated.

          The working schedules vary from country and region of operation. The HR responsible are assigned and the duration of the contract details are mentioned.

          On the salary information menu, the user could provide the details of the salary. The wage is provided and additional allowances such as fuel cards, meal vouchers, and representation fees can be provided. Yearly advantages and the monthly benefits can also be provided.

          The user could now generate the link containing all the contact information to be sent to the employee who is to be hired. The contract information is shared through email and the employee will be provided with all the details as they can accept the offer or reject it.

          Managing payrolls for all employees

          Managing the payrolls for the employee are done accurately by briefing the off times and approved vacation times for each employee.

          The user could vial the options work entry in the payroll module that depicts all the information related to attendance and the off days of the employee. By selecting the respective employee, the user could view all the conflicting errors that had appeared in the month.

          The user filters all the conflicting information by selecting the conflicting option in the filter menu. The user views all the conflicting information related to the month irrespective of the employee.
          The user can note they only generate the payslip after clearing the conflicting attendance entries available for each employee.

          You have to select the respective conflicting date on which the user will be depicted with a pop-up window. The user either validates the request and saves them, or refuses the time of the request, in both cases the conflict will be resolved.

          By clearing all the conflicts available in the payroll section, the user can now generate the payslip for every employee by selecting the generate pay slip option available in the window.

          When generating a payslip, it lists out for the specific month and the payslips are allocated with the entry that can be viewed by selecting the payslip option.

          The salary slips for employees

          The salary slips provide all information related to the month’s salary details that include the allowances and pay cuts that have occurred. This also provides the user and the employees with proper information on the time off, attendance and the sick leaves taken by each employee during the particular month.

          The user could view the payslip from the work entry menu of the specific month. Whereas for the employees it gets depicted in their dashboard or gets mailed them through email.

          The payslip records are the important source of the report that helps the user to verify them in future instances. In the case of employees, there may be instances when they apply for personal loans or mortgages where they should provide proof of their salary, then this payslip could come in handy.

          You can select the respective employee from the work entry of the month and the menu. All information related to the month’s work and the reference numbers are provided. The user could view the worked days as well as the inputs menu to view the attendance of the particular employee for the respective month.

          By selecting the salary computation menu, the user views all the allocation of the total salary to the employee. This provides the user with clear cut information on allowances, salary structure and tax information.

          The payroll in Odoo helps the user to manage the salaries, generate payslip, compute them based on parameters, and allow the records to get documented and reported on.

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