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How Real is a Cloud Based ERP

Today the Enterprise Resource Planning or the ERP software is a prerequisite to every business. The possibility of cloud storages and servers paved way for the innovation of cloud based ERP packages. But, is cloud based ERP a reality in the true sense? On observing further, not all ERPs which proclaim to be cloud based are truly cloud oriented programs. The basic advantage as proclaimed for using a cloud based ERP is the mobility in your business functionality, thus removing the need for company maintained computing and storage devices. The software computing and storage is in Cloud which frees a business for using a standard, stationary device for accessing the data. In short, if an ERP system is dependent on a certain device, it cannot be called a cloud ERP.

Is SaaS Synonymous to Cloud Implementation?

SaaS or Software-as-a-Service solutions are used interchangeably to mean cloud deployment. Upon observing closely, the SaaS solutions are deployed by the host but need not necessarily be cloud based solutions. Also, accessing the service via different smart devices or mobile devices becomes difficult at times. Sometimes, the applications require tweaking to suit your data access needs before it can be accessed via the mobile devices used in your business. That does not mean there are no true cloud-based solutions. Any ERP solution which works across the platform and devices can be called a cloud based ERP. On the other hand, SaaS ERPs are useful for a small business even if the mobile access is not possible immediately. This move has helped the small businesses move away from the proprietary ERP solutions.

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    Responsive Website Designing for Improving your Business in Muscat – Oman

    A website today plays a key role in promoting brands and services with innovative ideas for creating impacts on the viewers. It is an essential one for organizations and business firms to focus on web designing services for delivering powerful messages to audiences in an effective manner. A responsive website designing plays a key role in this process by addressing exact needs. This process mainly aims in constructing websites that are suitable for present market conditions to accomplish goals. On the other hand, one should always focus on hiring services from reputed web designing companies for meeting exact requirements while carrying out promotional and campaigning activities. Anyone who wants to build business in the markets can opt for these services to improve standards.

    Nowadays, website services are widely followed at different levels for building brand reputation in the markets to a larger extent. They primarily focus on obtaining cutting edge results when marketing the brands. Expert web designers provide guidelines for constructing websites with innovative ideas for creating best impressions on the audience. It is possible to ensure progress levels in the markets with these services by increasing sales. Different types of packages are also offered for business clients and companies for selecting services at flexible budgets. Web designing plays a key role in establishing brands and business in the markets by creating awareness with unique styles and themes. One can collect complete details about leading web designing firms in the markets to select services depending on the requirements.

    The primary advantage of a web designing is that it shows ways for contacting the customers directly by evaluating their requirements in a proper manner. Moreover, business companies can focus on overcoming challenges in the markets to reach next levels. Professional teams from web designing firms make feasible ways for targeting audiences with unique styles and artworks for gaining better prospects. In addition, they also help improve internet marketing to earn maximum profits by identifying potential customers. The web designing services are an ideal one for those who want to generate high revenues from the markets. Some companies even offer free quotes and consultations for organizations to select services at affordable rates.

    A web design also provides methods to grab the attention of customers by making influences in their minds. Ideas for redesigning existing websites can be known from experts for experiencing desired outcomes. One can go through the reviews and testimonials of web designing firms before choosing the services. Business companies today analyzed the importance of web designing services due to several merits. At the same time, it is necessary to consider about responsive web designing process to thrive business in the markets. This will also help for inviting visitors in large numbers to improve business. Another advantage is that business firms are able to increase their traffic to websites which help for reaching a wider audience. SEO oriented web designing services are also available for organizations that want to rank their websites in major search engines in faster methods.

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      Importance of ERP Software for your Business in Muscat – Oman

      Technologies are refining at express stages these days for planning various types of works in an efficient manner. An enterprise software planning software which is shortly known as ERP is a appropriate one for a minor or large business enterprises to gain major benefits. It plays a significant role in maintaining the smooth flow of data to achieve goals. This product provides methods for planning your operation, product development, manufacturing process, sales and marketing to run a successful organization. Another advantage is that you can able to reduce costs and solve complex issues with this software.

      Some of the common ERP modules include inventory control, material purchasing, accounting, finance and HR to obtain optimum results. Installing ERP software may result in various benefits for your organization to maximize rate of investments. Moreover, you can focus on improving the productivity and operational efficiency levels of your employees by providing immediate access about the enterprise. It is possible to integrate and optimize your business process with this product by meeting exact requirements. If you are having a distribution center, then ERP is the best one for carrying out a wide range of activities to experience better results.

      Web based technologies in ERP software support for changing industry requirements to witness major changes. Moreover, you can focus on reaching your objectives by assigning work force in proper methods. Enterprise resource planning software helps for retaining your top performers in your organization by defining the career and development plans. In addition, you can also forecast the future markets with this product to generate more profits and revenues. With ERP, you can able to update the details easily for reaching next levels in an organization. You can develop retention with customers by using the tools.

      ERP solutions are the backbone of an organization to establish your business in the markets. However, it is a necessary one to find the packages that fulfill your expectations to reach objectives ultimately. This will be helpful for improving the quality of your business to a wider extent. There are many sources which are available for gathering information about the products where you can choose the right one depending on the needs. You have to work with a company that clearly understands your business for minimizing mistakes. ERP software is a perfect one for managing your projects to make decisions at critical levels during the development which ensures progress levels in various departments.

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        Why Mobile is to be First Implemented by Companies?

        The way in which smartphones are being used today by consumers has completely changed with the advent of mobile technology. The manner by which the workforce is to be empowered by the enterprises is being revolutionized by the current mobility trend. Smart device proliferation like smartphones, tablets, phablets and notebooks, including internet connectivity evolution are the primary reasons. Organizations are pressurized to go mobile due to increasing employee expectations.

        ‘Mobile Advantage’ is all about users being allowed to access information and communicate anywhere and anytime, staying connected always.

        Some detailed key parameters to look at for implementing mobile first strategy.

        Responsive site design: Mobile devices are being increasingly used by people for performing regular activities, such as responding to co-workers and customers while at the field, checking office emails when on the move, taking crucial decisions quickly even from home.

        With a whole range of device accessible today, employees are expected to have various hand-held device types having different OS mobile versions. It is challenging to create mobile apps for supporting every device, especially with employee number growing. Designing website first would not appear great on different form factors and screen size of various mobile devices.

        Hence, to offer better UI, save cost and with less effort, an appropriate technique would be to develop responsive site design that is optimized across all devices. For instance, responsive style designed corporate site available for staffs and customers in device optimized format.

        Enterprise System Mobilization: The current set of apps is not just limited to consumers; your staff’s productivity can also be enhanced. Rather than have your staffs to become dependent upon their PCs / laptop, a smartphone/tablet can be handed to them with crucial apps installed. Your staff can get access through this enterprise app to information from your Financial Systems, ERPs, CRMs, etc. securely.

        Device specific features enabled: Mobile users are to be offered rich user experience most of the times. As the name suggests, smart features are to be present in smart phones, having numerous functionalities in them, being specific to particular device. Few of them are voice enabler, accelerometer, camera, GPS, etc.

        Hence, if a native application is planned to be implemented for the users, then the best device specific features are to be used (based upon iPad, iPhone, Android Tablet, Android Phone, BlackBerry, Windows Phone).

        Business based Responsive Site Design

        As a website is created by the developer, often they are seen to design for bigger screens, thereby losing sight as to its appearance, when the user has same site browsed from their mobile phones. As links are clicked by the users within the site through their mobile phones, navigation and reading becomes tough, requiring re-sizing and zooming for clicking or reading. It is here that the importance of device-specific site developing becomes necessary.

        Single fit all size: Responsive site design is considered to be a procedure which recommends design and website implementation to respond to environment and user behavior based upon screen size, operating system and orientation of their device.

        It is for those informational web pages that responsive web design is found to be quite suitable, with information present on the screen’s right side in desktop application, while in mobile applications is brought to page bottom.

        Responsive Web Design Benefits

        Responsive web design does come with few benefits like:

        Single code base: develop once to run in all devices

        Used across all screen sizes – internet can be viewed on 20” monitors, 10” netbooks, 15” laptops, 3” smartphones, 7” tablets and every size that is found in between. The wide difference in heights and widths is also considered, if screen is portrait or landscape along with screen resolution.

        Enhances SEO: Page rank is improved with the site’s single version. Page ranking is impacted upon issues that arise in the site’s two versions.

        Effort and maintenance cost reduces because of single link

        Offers flexibility and control: At a single centralized place, changes are possible. Multiple vendors are not required to be contacted for making changes when different development firms develop your mobile application/site.

        Responsive Web Design is applicable in three major scenarios

        Blog Sites/Corporate Sites: Need of the business, generally is site first and mobile second. Rich images are less required for corporate sites, while target audience is regarded a great factor and device-agnostic solutions higher. There is no need for extensive user input and minimum images needed for blog sites. Brand consistency is held primary for such site types. With a single site working on mobile and desktop screens, keeping brand identity consistent is much easier. Also, for communicating between multiple vendors like various entities responsible for site mobile and desktop versions, style guides are not required.

        News/Media Sites: Users in such site types are much accustomed towards scrolling to bottom from top when using their mobile device. Here, responsive Web Design functions better. Such sites are considered to be text-heavy, while sections like breaking news do need updates of real-time content, adding to maintenance expenses, if for the design, various mobile technology options get used.

        Location related Services: Generally, direction and maps finder services have been considered to be image heavy. It becomes necessary to use the fingers on the screen for viewing closely the routes and for getting better clarity resizing and zooming, in such service types. Moreover, auto-adjustment is essential, something that is supported by Responsive Web Design.

        Enterprise Mobile Applications – Selecting appropriate Technology Option

        The way we stay informed, work and shop, has been completely revolutionized by mobile technology. Almost every person in the U.S. has a mobile device, while a smart phone is possessed by almost 1 in 3, a device that is regarded similar to the traditional laptop in power. In other countries, such explosive development gets repeated.

        The current mobile devices powerful capabilities are what have been offering fertile ground, especially for the countless thrilling applications. Even though consumer apps enjoy the highest demand, there is constant emergence of new business applications, allowing partners and employees to be more productive. Any enterprise interested to inform, assist and engage its employees or customers can find mobile applications to create unavoidable opportunities.

        A mobile audience is definitely something that most companies would prefer to reach, often IOs are quite uncertain as to how this dynamic environment is to be pursued. An essential decision which is to be taken by companies: development architecture which offers mobile application based foundation. Is cross-mobile platform, mobile web solution or native development preferred? Every approach does have its own weaknesses, appropriate use cases and strengths – how different parameters are to be sorted through for making the correct choice? Moreover, for every approach, there are present numerous development tools and frameworks. How the right one is to be picked?

        Mobile Applications based Key Technology Choices

        Although mobile applications development comes with numerous technology options, lay of land can be simplified upon. It is in three basic ways that development of mobile applications is possible.

        Native apps: Have application developed in native code for running on specific operating system and device. It is from the app store that app gets downloaded and resides on device.

        Cross-Platform Apps: Using cross-platform framework, develop application once and have it run on different mobile platforms (once fine-tuning is done for every platform). Also from the app store, it is downloaded and resides on the equipment.

        Mobile Web Apps: Applications to be developed for running from central server over the web, from where any device having web browser can access it.

        Because of underlying technology differences, every approach is known to have its own drawbacks and advantages, appropriate use cases and development frameworks. There is need of careful analysis for ensuring that the developed application makes use of the appropriate technology for desired functionality. The different approaches are summarized below by the following table:

        To have the correct technology framework identified, few key questions are given below that needs to be addressed to:

        • Who will make use of the apps?
        • What experience type is expected by the users?
        • What is the required functionality?
        • Multi-platform compatibility and its importance?
        • Is there a need for the app to run offline or if connection is poor?
        • Industry-specific needs are there?
        • Time required for developing the app?
        • Is the required skill set possessed by the staff?
        • Total ownership cost?
        • How soon are the new OS features or device required?

        There are several aspects to be considered when it comes to trying to have the appropriate technology framework to be identified, which entirely depends upon the type of business requirements and the industry you belong to. The application’s purpose needs to be properly understood, the users to be, capabilities required and experience type expected by them. The other factors tend to include portability and security for running applications across all major multiple platforms including the cost aspect.

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          ERP Solution for Manufacturing Industry in Muscat – Oman

          Manufacturing industry needs to deal with numerous issues relating to the industry for the successful running of the business in this dynamically changing environment. In the process of manufacturing, various strategies are used by various firms for achieving their desired goals which includes forming production and design teams, assurance of quality product, reducing order and delivery time, inventory management and research and development program.

          For the successful implementation of the above strategies, web-based resource ERP system is required which help companies to save a large amount of cost in the manufacturing and service sectors. ERP (Enterprise Resource planning system) offers support for multi- mode manufacturers. ERP system is also termed as packaged business software system which helps a business to share all the general data of the business process across the enterprise. In this fast growing business environment, it is essential for every business enterprise to stand in this competitive world for the long run which can be possible only with the help of ERP. ERP system is a critical link between among all functional area of manufacturing enterprise and between the enterprises. It simplifies all the business strategies with a software module which includes financial accounting, budgeting, cost management, workflow management, and quality control, bill of materials, recruiting and training. With the help of ERP system, managers and top officials of the enterprise can take timely information to make necessary decisions for the betterment of the firm and also for the accomplishment of organizational goals. Web- based resource ERP system minimize the manufacturing cost of the business with the optimum utilization of the resources.

          Generally, in a short span of time the impact of the ERP system can be felt on the productivity of the business enterprise. It helps in the improvement of customer relationship with the organization as it provides call center facility as well as it improves the customer services. It is a vital tool of the organization as it integrates varied organizational systems and enables continuous transactions and production. ERP is primarily a support system of top level management which facilitates them to make faster decisions which save time as well as expense. ERP manages the books of account of the company. It helps to control inventories, sales forecasting, continues supply of goods and production planning.It makes a company more flexible and improves the quality of a business by smooth running of the internal business cycle in the organization.

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            Benefits of Supply Chain Management Software – Muscat

            An effective supply chain management system is of key importance in any business. This improves business aspects thereby improving customer satisfaction. It enhances cost minimization and efficiency. The following article helps you know more about the key aspects of business.

            What is an SCM system?

            SCM or supply chain management system helps in operating the interconnected businesses to provide the customers with products and services and it helps business owners in proper planning, implementing, designing and monitoring all the activities, which will lead to improvement in performance of the business. Implementation by supply chain management systems usually takes time and money. Many businesses invest on these systems for potential benefits.

            What are the benefits of SCM system?

            Effective cost management is the prime benefit of using an SCM system. It helps in lowering the raw material cost thereby helping you to plan efficiently for the materials that need to be brought to the company at the lowest possible price ensuring they are in exact amount. An improved relationship with the suppliers can help in claiming discounts on materials.

            Latest softwares proves helpful in tracking the suppliers and distributors by which the exact location of raw materials and finished products can be monitored. The advanced systems produce reports on chain between supplier and distributor as this sort of monitoring will help in analyzing the areas that need improvement.

            What is a Cycle Time?

            A cycle time is the time taken by the business to make a product from raw materials, then giving it to the distributors to sell, and make money to buy new raw product. This cycle begins with the purchase of new raw materials and if the supply of raw materials takes too long then production may need to stop, which indirectly slow down the operations and revenues.

            Easily manage suppliers & purchase orders

            Automate your purchasing workflow

            Automate your purchasing workflow

            Supplier price lists & product availability

            Supplier price lists & product availability

            Get the best offer with purchase tenders

            Get the best offer with purchase tenders

            Get statistics on your purchases

            Get statistics on your purchases

            The benefit of having an effective SCM system is to get a smooth and effective cycle time ensuring timely supply of raw materials for leading an efficient and continuos production in business.

            Improve your supply chain & inventory performance with Odoo ERP solution & customization offered by Atheer Global Solutions.

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              Features of Odoo ERP for Manufacturing Companies in Muscat – Oman

              The Manufacturing orders

              You can manage your products into manual assembly or assembly lines.

              The Work orders

              You have to launch the production of items required for the final assembly of your products.

              Use of Barcode

              Using barcode to speed up your manufacturing operations requires the serial number scanning, trigger a maintenance request, start or pause or stop the stopwatch and move to the next step.

              Repairing orders

              You can manage repairs of items as a service or under warranty.

              The editable MOs

              You can consume other products despite what was initially planned and edit MOs when done.

              The unbilled orders

              You can disassemble a finished product and recuperate the components.

              Scheduling and Planning

              Manufacturing the plan

              Can gather the clear view on your planning and reschedule the manufacture.

              Organizing work orders

              You can access all available resources and plan with your production.

              Managing the Bill of Materials

              You can keep a track on the availability of items in stock and production time.

              The Workcenter Capacity

              The MRP scheduler is used to schedule your work at each work centre, based on their capacity and OEE.

              The Flexible Master Data

              Create the multi-level bill of materials

              You have to set a bill of materials to manufacture the components of a product in another Bill of Materials.

              The Optional routing

              You can create new routines for work orders to sequence your production that depends on the routing used.

              The Version changes

              Allow the products to evolve and add configurable options while creating orders.

              Use of Kits

              The salesperson can sell products that get delivered as a set of components to assemble using the kit feature.

              The PLM Versioning

              Get differences between the versions to track changes.

              The PLM

              You can track ECO’s and versions of products with respective documents. Merge different ECO’s that correspond to the same BoM.

              The Engineering Changes

              You can track the changes with a great kanban process for ECOs.

              The Document Management

              You can store plans directly on the worksheet of routine and bill of materials.

              The Quality Control Points

              You can automatically trigger quality checks for the manufacturing department.

              The Quality Checks

              Can deploy your statistical process control easily with checks.

              The Quality Alerts

              Can organize your work using the kanban view of quality alerts.

              The Maintenance

              The Preventive Maintenance

              Can trigger maintenance requests automatically based on KPIs.

              The Corrective Maintenance

              Can trigger corrective maintenance directly from the control centre panel.

              The Calendar

              Can schedule maintenance operations with a calendar.

              The Statistics

              Can get all maintenance statistics computed for you.

              The Workcenter Control Panel

              Set Tablets

              Can set tablets on every work centre to organize work efficiently.

              Record the production

              Can scan products, register productions, and lots or serial numbers.

              The Worksheets

              Can directly display worksheets on the work centre with instructions for the operator.

              The Misc Operations

              Can create quality alerts, scrap products and perform checks right from the work centre.

              Using Alerts

              Can use alerts to show quality checks or changes to the operator.

              The Work order steps

              Can define multiple steps in a work order and link them to worksheet pages by taking a picture, scanning a product, and quality control.

              The Reporting

              Upstream Traceability

              The full upstream traceability report on the components used in the manufacturing process.

              The Cost analysis

              Can track the cost of each manufacturing order based on the cost of your operations and the cost of your components either labour or material.

              The Overall Equipment Effectiveness

              Can analyze your work centres loads, track your overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and the productivity losses.

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